Easy Picture Frame Hot Pad

I have a lot of corks….
I mean really, a lot….

Here’s the disclaimer
at once

No, seriously I did not drink all this….honest….
A couple years ago I found this game board.
It was covered in corks!

I wanted a game board for the boys room and then I put all the corks in these jars and figured I’d use them later for something.

Two years later….

I began roaming around for the right project..

However, I did not want a cork wreath


or a cork bulletin board


I didn’t really need a cork bath mat


even if it did sort of look like the President 
and it was the inauguration and all.
Wouldn’t that mean the President was looking up my hoo-ha?
I mean that’s weird…just a little…

I pondered this chair but thought it was a bit too much for the 
new, leaner, simpler blogger that I just became…

although I suspect I have enough corks for this


I did use three…yes, a whopping three….
for my candle sconce makeover in the Fall
which did reduce the number to, oh say, 1350 or so…

Then I saw this hot pad


I don’t know why I said that…we don’t say Eureka! in the South…
something more like 

“hoo-ee , now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about”
or a nice 
“there you go”
or even 
“well golly day”

but not Eureka!

I decided to use a great frame from the thrift.
It was all carved looking and I knew it would look nice with a faux stone finish.

It did have this unfortunate picture in it.

I almost left it there but I knew I would always think of them down there under the macaroni and cheese so I decided against it.

First, I gave it a coat of this MS paint I found on the OOPS rack at
 Home Depot.

Then I hot glued on a backer board so it would be nice and smooth and not scratch the table.

I added a few books for some weight…..
only the right kind of books, of course…

Then, a few pieces of cardboard to raise the level up a bit.

The corks need to be higher than the frame or someone will mistake that chemical smell of the paint heating up on your hot pad for some really bad cooking.

And, yet again, your kids will say 
“eww…what is that?….I’m not hungry”
So, raise your corks
(sounds like a drinking song to me)

Back to the hot pad….
Once the level is high enough, just hot glue the corks on.

Now, being a VERY experienced crafter, I laid out my corks first to make sure they filled the frame up well.
You should probably do this, unless you’re the adventurous sort.
I don’t have time for adventure…sorry…I’m too busy 

Then I decided that the frame was too white against the corks and added some MMS Antiquing Wax 
(which I just HAPPENED to have…remember, I sell the stuff) 
I also filled the small gap around the edge with some rope.

Now let’s see…..only about a thousand corks to go.
Send me your cork ideas and I’ll see if I like them…..


  1. Wow, that is a lot of corks. I love your hot pad idea. Maybe I could use some of my corks, and, yes, I confess, I drank the wine. Seriously, this is a great idea and, as usual, a very humerous post.

  2. I got out my ge-tar and I’m writ’n my next hit. Raise Your Corks. Thanks for the idea, I’m gonna be a star, or maybe there is a better chance I could make a trivet and end up a wino?


  3. Such a great idea Lorraine!!…Love the treatment you did on the frame!

  4. Actually, I like your cork idea, Lorraine! I usually save what I come across on cork crafts on Pinterest and I have to say so far I like this idea the best. I love how it turned out and I could always use more hot pads.

  5. Just read Bliss’ comment and laughed out loud! We drink a lot of wine at our house and this trivet is such a fun idea. I love how it came out, Lorraine! x

  6. Great post Lorraine! Quite the comic you are! I like this idea since I have a great many myself & always wonder why. Thanks

  7. Cute, cute, cute. But what, pray tell, happened to that couple that is captured in frozen smiles forever? xo Diana

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