Mantel Makeover

One of the things I miss the most after the holidays are the lights.
I use LOTS of white lights and I LOVE to have them on in the evening.
Once I take them down, the house always seems so dreary and blah to me.
In snow areas, you can get some wonderful, reflected light that brightens interiors.
But here, winter often means overcast skies that neither snow nor rain.
I had taken down my Glory to God mantel from Christmas…..
I knew what I wanted though…..
A few months ago I scored a fantastic architectural piece at a thrift shop.

I LOVE this piece and I knew it would look wonderful on my mantel.
I usually have a mirror there in order to help the living room feel brighter. 
We have a living room with a large screened in porch through the French doors and those are the only windows. 
So, it tends to be dark in here.
Once I added the wood piece, it seemed even darker….
although it was cozy looking.

I decided that decorating with some of my silver collection was in order.
Silver reflects light like a mirror so well.
I started with just the wood piece…
then added an upside down sconce to hold a tray…

added a few more trays…

 and finally….candles……

It still needed something up high

Adding a heart shaped vine wreath transformed it into a Valentine’s Day mantel and carried the white up into the darker wood area.

I love the change!


  1. What a great piece! Love what you did with it. Have fun decorating, Dawn

  2. I love it too, great minds think alike – we match!


  3. I love it too. Love the little flower wreath on top. x

  4. I miss the lights, too. What a wonderful old piece and I love how you used it. I hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  5. It is such a great piece to add some architectural interest, Lorraine. Love the silver trays you added in. The heart wreath is perfect for Valentine’s Day and helps break up some of the wood.

  6. Gorgeous. I love that wooden piece and the tray
    holder. Absolutely beautiful.

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