My New Shop Location!

This is a previous post from last year 
when I had gone to Barrett St Antique Mall for a bit of shopping!
I DID put my name on the waiting list and am so excited to tell you that I am opening there tomorrow!!
If you think I might be wicked busy…you’re right!
Back to work!
I’ll leave you to enjoy the tour…..these pics were using my old point and shoot so forgive the quality!

Today I decided to take a jaunt to one of my favorite places in town.
Barrett St. Antique Mall
This mall is HUGE and less than 1/2 hr from my house.
THIS is where I wanted my little shop but alas
no spaces. If I am the least bit successful at this venture, 
I will put my name on the waiting list.
It’s probably only a five or ten year wait……{sigh}
Here we go…..

sorry about the page break…I don’t know how to remove it from the former post!
Just click “read more” at the bottom of this post!

Outside is a large garden area with all kinds of statuary, rusted bits, 
driftwood, and other goodies.

How about this driftwood arch…pretty neat…

Isn’t this lovely?
These pieces always make me think of my friend Rosemary at Villabarnes.

Same pic with a vintage twist.

I fell in love with this pair of angels.
Each one faced a different way.

These were $30 each. 

Just inside was this double chaise….with a visitor.

There’s a sign at the register asking you to check your car because Bootsie will get in!

It’s huge in here and the front has some very large architectural pieces from houses and pubs.

I think they’re only serving coffee here now!
One lovely thing about Barrett St is that they host an open house once a month with refreshments. Great advertising for the vendors!

There’s lots of great signs and neon hanging overhead.
This is one of my favorites because
1. I love blue and white
2. I think ice cream SHOULD be a health food! LOL

Here’s another…

Some booths give really cute ideas with the way they display.

Wouldn’t this be cute over a mantel?
The top shutters are open and behind them is faux moss with the mirror hung on top!
I love the green!

Guess what? My booth is directly opposite this one!
I don’t know if that’s good or bad…..
I’ll need to be on my toes to compete with this beautiful spot!

Look at this darling folk ferris wheel.
It works too with electricity!
It’s still there…priced at $125 I think…on sale!

Here’s another idea for you…a memory wreath.

 A great idea for all those bits and baubles we all seem to have in drawers!

I love the shade on this small chest.

I always stop at one booth that has vintage clothing.
Look at this christening gown! Gorgeous!

The phone man has been here forever…it’s a huge booth 
with every kind of phone you ever need!

This one specialized in reproduction signs. 
They make anything you like to order.

They’re a lot of fun to read.

Check out the graphic on this Fairy soap box!!
So beautiful! I didn’t see it today, so I think it’s sold.

This booth has been here a long time too.
She’s a very talented painter.
Isn’t this barnyard scene darling?

She paints on all kinds of furniture and does custom pieces too.

Here’s another…

I am NOT a painter and I so admire people who do!

I had forgotten that this was the day I found this pretty statue!
I refinished her and she came out just beautifully!

What do you think of the new venue?
Pretty great, huh?
I’m excited and SO nervous!!


  1. Well you may know by now that I am happy to subscribe and honored to have written two of the articles. 🙂

  2. The little green dresser is adorable. And how much fun would that ferris wheel be for the kids…and some adults, too. :@

  3. WHAT???!!! You mean ice cream ISN’T a health food?
    Love the little girl – I have bust envy.

  4. Great shop. I love the green and white botanicals and the lovely bust. You mean ice cream isn’t health food? It’s my dairy serving with dinner.

  5. I just love that place….I hope I can get a booth there one day….fingers crossed (and eyes too).

  6. Looks like a great new spot for you. Is that ice cream sign for sale? I think you should buy it for your house.


  7. Congrats darling lady! Good things come to those…. xx

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