Ten Minute Slipcover

I am in the process of repainting my kitchen white 
and find I have been falling in love with red. 
I’ve posted a lot of kitchen pics that have red in them on my FB page lately 
so it seems to be something I’m drawn to.
I love French style and red fits beautifully with that as well.

As I was cleaning up the studio the other day and sorting fabric by type into boxes, I came across some red and white check cotton napkins I had found at a thrift store months ago. All four were $3.25.

I never pass up a set of sturdy cotton napkins 
if they have a pattern or print I like. They are useful for so many projects. 
Good quality napkins are about 18 inches square. 
That’s why they make such perfect pillow covers!
I’m sure, when I bought them, I planned on some nice pillows.
But, when I saw them again, I suddenly thought they would be perfect to make a simple slip for the back of our kitchen benches.

This project only requires the ability to sew a straight seam….that’s it…
so it’s perfect for some of you who are not experienced sewers!

Here are the benches I’m working with

First, turn them inside out and with one napkin on each side of the chair, pin them to the height you want them to be.

I wanted mine to just skim along the seat

Of course, you notice that there is already a hem in place…that’s why it’s so easy to make these.

Pin the sides if you need to. I could see that if I sewed about 1/2 in from each side that I was fine with the width, so I didn’t pin it.

Then sew along all three sides. I rounded the corners a bit too but if you have some type of finial or knob on the top of your bench, then just leave an opening there and let the knob stick out.

Trim any seams that are larger than 3/4 of an inch because otherwise, the extra bulk will not allow your slip to hang nicely.

You can see how I rounded the corner a bit here.

Turn it right side out and you’re done!

Here’s the before

and the after….

What do you think?

I have a set of blue too……I could have several sets of slips to fit my mood!
Honestly, it took longer to edit the pictures and write the post than it did to make these!


  1. Love simple sewing projects! The color pops in your kitchen. I did this one time with a pillowcase. It actually looked pretty good.

  2. Perfect!

  3. What a great idea!!
    Love the new look!!


  4. Sew easy! Love these and even if you had to cut fabric to fit it would still be easy.

  5. What do I think? Same thing I think every time I see something I like that someone has sewn. I should of paid attention when my mom wanted to teach me.

    Make more, I see some yellow and sage green too. Maybe black checked. How about a set in autumn colors?


  6. The color pops up! They look great!

  7. I love them !

  8. Love those project that go POW! But are relatively simple 🙂 Pretty cute!!

  9. You can really change the look of a room with these small changes..love it.

  10. Pretty cute slips! Why are you painting your kitchen???

  11. These are great. I never would have thought of that. Red and white checks are a neutral in my book and they go with just about every look.

  12. OK – that’s so simple, it made me slap my forehead! Love it!!

  13. Of course they are great!! They are RED and you did a perfect job!

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