Vintage Hearts

I enjoyed picking through my vintage and antique lace stash the other day so I decided to make something else that I could use the damaged pieces for.

The intact pieces I set aside to make more pillows like this one.

But, the damaged pieces are perfect for these vintage hearts.

I just made a heart pattern from cardboard, traced it onto some striped fabric, cut it out and sewed around the edge…leaving a hole for some fiberfill…

Here it is before stuffing so you can see the long, pointy shape I made.

I stuffed it firmly, sewed it closed and then aged it a bit by painting on a mixture of coffee and glue.
The coffee darkens it and the glue stiffens it. 
I don’t have proportions for you but there are recipes all over the web.
Once it was dry, I glued on some pieces of lace.
I added a vintage button to these two

They turned out very nicely and it wasn’t a long project at all!

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  1. Very charming my dear. Sweet like you.

  2. They did turn out nicely- What a fun use of materials- xo Diana

  3. Darling hearts!! I love using old pieces of lace and linens. Sometimes people at Estate Sales and flea markets look at me kind of strangely when I buy damaged pieces, but they just don’t understand what I have planned for them.


  4. How fabulous! Simple but oh so beautiful!
    Great inspiration.

  5. Your hearts are so pretty. Love the doilies!

  6. So pretty and delicate! x

  7. Your hearts are really cute.

  8. So cute! I like the ticking striped fabric mixed with the crochet lace.

  9. I am in the process of making some heart pillows out of lace , you make it look easier than it is for me. LOL

    I like all your material also, the red striped ticking

  10. I adore these pillows!
    I will be featuring them tonight!
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  11. These hearts are so folksy and sweet! Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

  12. Lovely. Lovely.

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