Beautiful Heart

I’m not sure how many of you know what quilling is….
It’s the Medevial art of grilling….(sorry, couldn’t resist)
Yes…it sounds like a sport played at Hogworts Academy….
Or maybe a form  of archery….
Or arrow making….isn’t the feather end called a quill?

My oldest daughter is super talented when it comes to paper.
When she was small she would hole up in her room for hours and emerge with teeny villages, animals, stars, flowers….etc. 

This was before the scrapbooking craze and computers so she had no pretty papers or even plain white unlined paper. 
So the creations would often just be made of looseleaf notebook paper!

I was always amazed but I admit not amazed enough to resist saying…
“if you spent as much time cleaning your room I’d be happy”….
sigh….Bad Mom!!!

Well, she’s grown up now and has passed this creative paper gene on because a couple of her girls (she has four) will emerge from their dens with creations as well. Once my grandaughter crafted a paper duck whose bill opened and closed when she squeezed him! Can you imagine?

Anyway…I’m off to the shop to work so I’m snitching a post of my daughters to show you this absolutely stunning quilled heart she made…

She was recently featured on this blog

and you can see her whole post here

Bye for today!


  1. Wow very talented like her mom! So pretty. I am heading over now to check out her blog!

  2. Oh the heart is beautiful! She is a talented young lady! It takes a lot of hard work to create a master piece.

  3. Hi Lorraine, I have not heard of quilling but her work is beautiful! I am on my way to check out her blog. xx, Sherry

  4. This is so pretty! My mother-in law tried getting my daughter and I into quilling. It wasn’t for me. Lately I’ve seen some things that are more appealing to me – Mostly from Susan Myers She does some really interesting stuff

  5. Thank you for the kind words mom, and you were right (yes I said it!) I should have cleaned my room more 🙂 I appreciate everyone’s kind words about my quilling thank you.

  6. Wow that is awesome.

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