Various projects are going on in the garage….
Not newsworthy yet….but it’s hard to get myself going just now….
As a delaying tactic, I played around with my camera a bit……

The glassy-eyed kid eating Fruity Sparkles barely knew I was there…….

I waved my hand near him but he was totally engrossed in another time zone……

The Fruity Sparkles kicked in and he left for the bus…..
Time for more coffee……


  1. I look the same way in the morning! LOL

  2. your vintage plates are so beautiful and that shabby caddy is even more so.
    great pics!

  3. I have a radar that turns on almost instantaneously if a camera is aimed in my direction from any distance. Obviously young males do not have this.


  4. LOL, Lorraine- I love that caddy with the dishes in it. Gorgeous. I hope you enjoyed your extra cup of coffee after he was off to school- xo Diana

  5. An extra cup of coffee…a good thing…he looks like he is just contemplating the beginning of a new day!…:)

  6. Hi Lorraine, Love the dishes in the caddy and the aprons hanging on that awesome rack. Hurray for second cups of coffee. Your little guy looks like he is gearing up for the day. Too cute!!
    Have a great evening, Celeste XO

  7. Love your red transferware. Your photos are great.

  8. Great photos! I love experimenting with my camera 🙂

  9. I think it was the boy who needed the coffee! Love the aprons. Nice pics!

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