Paper Lace Wreath

I love making things out of practically nothing…

This is one of those projects…..

Simple…yet so pretty……

Just some folded paper doilies…….

Hot glued to a cake circle……
It hardly warrants a tutorial….

Fold a doily in half…don’t crease, just gently pinch at the bottom…..
then fold again and staple it together……

Start hot gluing the folded doilies around the outer edge of a 10 inch cardboard cake circle……
I love these circles…they’re the base of ALL my paper wreaths….

I used the rounded, solid center area of the doily as a guide to keep the doilies lined up along the edge. On the first row, I kept all the folded sides in the same direction, tucking them in side each other just slightly.

For the next row, I reversed the direction, still tucking a bit.

As you work toward the center, use something to push the glued point onto the board so you don’t crush the folded doilies. 

Just keep going around until you’ve reached the center.
When you’ve added all the doilies, you can bend some of the folds inward along the first row to give more fullness if you like.
If you see spots that don’t look full enough, push another doily in there.

Add any embellishments you might like….
I used a single, small heart…

Love is in the air…..


  1. So pretty. I love doilies. The lace is so airy looking and it is so feminine. Beautiful puff for your door!

  2. Looks great mom! Much quicker than that one I made! I love it! I’m making coffee filter wreaths right now!

  3. Quite pretty, Lorraine. The little heart’s a great touch.

  4. How pretty is that wreath…great for Valentines..and yet, it could be used for all kinds of “showers”…so romantic and beautiful…

  5. These are so pretty, Lorraine. You are so good with Valentine’s – I haven’t done one single craft or project related to it this year.

  6. Hi Lorraine, Love it. What a grand idea. Your pics for the steps are great. I have created vintage sewing pattern rosettes, but not tried these. Looks fun.
    Have a great evening.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  7. Very pretty. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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