Spring Scrooge

Allow me to introduce myself…
I am the one who you will be hating very soon…
When I tell you that I am praying for just a bit more cold weather…..
because I’M NOT READY…..
Let me repeat….

I – am – N-O-T  R-E-A-D-Y….

Oh, I used to be ready…
before I had some kids move in…..
and started a business…..
and moved to this new HOPPING (OK, fine, ONE Spring word doesn’t count) booth space

I used to walk around my yard and excitedly look for spring buds…..

WAIT…what is that next to the daffodil bud??

Holy crapola…..MORE? Already??
We just had snow last week! Not Fair!!

I decided immediately that something needed to be done….

So I did the NORMAL creative person type of thing and…

Made pots……

Hey, this is MY blog and if I want to make pots instead of pull weeds I WILL….

Cute pots….

With cute numbers…..I guess so you can remember which pot is which?…

 I just go with the flow….I don’t ask why….

With chalk paint…..

and numbers ….

And some wax……

So I am officially….. 

Go ahead and hate me….I can take it

Hit me with your best pot…..
( I HAD to say it)


  1. Those are incredible! Just pinned them to my garden board. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love those pots….but I must say that I am so ready for Spring!! 🙂

  3. Adorably cute pots, great idea & now I can’t get that tune out of my head…you make me laugh. Pat Benetar would thank you & I Thank you for sharing

  4. I am very ready for Spring, but not because I want to face the weeds that are popping up to create a lawn where dirt was here at our new to us cottage, mainly so I can take long strolls through the park, feed the ducks and maybe just maybe have my toes not be blue LOL Can not blame you for not being ready tho. Adorable pots!

  5. LOL-Lorraine, I am NOT hitting you with my best pot- I am saving it for a wonderful plant! Very cute post- I love your pots! xo Diana

  6. Those are very cute pots. Another thing that will fly out of the shop. Nice job.

  7. LOL, Lorraine! I’ll forever sing it that way now!
    Love your pots.

  8. Alright — you had me laughing out loud with that post. Well done!! 🙂

  9. The pots are great, Lorraine! They are going to look wonderful filled with flowers and plants. I used to do the same thing ~ I’d walk around and plan out what I was going to do that year. Until I started working a full time job. After that I was lucky I was able to keep up with the weeding! We’ve moved from that house now and I miss my beautiful yard, but I am making plans for what to add to our new place.

  10. Love these pots! So sweet!
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love these. Really really cute. Do you wax things that are going to go outside? Sorry to be asking questions that you have to reply to – I know you’re really busy!

  12. Girl I am SO with you!!! We have not had enough cold weather for me to even wear my pretty red coat!! My hubby thinks I am nuts when I gripe about 70 and 80 degree days……in MARCH! (I would love them in August, September and October :^)
    Yep that’s me…never satified….gulp…..
    Blessings to you,

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