Breakfast Area Makeover (part one)

I have long been a fan of English style decor.
I LOVE china plates on a wall….
Floral patterns..especially faded….
And slipcovered furniture….
I drink tea and I knit….

Luckily, this style blends well with other styles…French and farmhouse for example…with just a few changes…
So, there’s no need to throw out everything you own if you want to start changing your look a bit.
With that in mind, I decided it was time to makeover this spot…..
Let me tell you a bit about the components of this area…..

I’ve always liked this spot…maybe that’s why it hasn’t changed in YEARS….

I love the painting of fruit especially….

About 10 years ago…before there was a Home Goods here…TJMaxx was going through a phase of having very pretty paintings which were beautifully framed for prices in the $20-$30 range….
Some were awful….but some were very nice….

This painting was actually the last component of this area…..

We bought the chest of drawers on a trip to Northern Virginia to Greenfront Furniture. This was actually way before I started shopping in thrift stores and we bought several pieces at prices (while still discounted) that make me cringe now. 

Remember, this was back in 2001 and I had never read a blog. Magazines were my inspiration and Victoria, Country Living and Traditional Home were my favorites….I still love them. HGTV was in it’s INFANCY…I know…all you young folks can’t imagine it but it’s true….

Newer magazines focusing on vintage, cottage, french and farmhouse style weren’t even around. Cottage Living and Country Home were beginning to show some of the simple, clean farmhouse look we all recognize now. But mostly if you said “country” it was dark wood and dark fabrics. 
Even Romantic Homes magazine…pretty new then…was something I didn’t buy often because it was full of pink flowers, pink fabric, pink dishes, pink ruffles, pink food….you get it PINK. Too much pink (and doilies, and ruffles) for me.

Luckily, this chest has stood up well…design wise and I still love it…

I had a nice collection of pink transferware (see…pink is OK…just in small doses)….British Castles…..which I had bought gradually from Replacements LTD…a wonderful site to match the missing pieces to whatever you are collecting.

The wire rack was bought on a trip to Cape May NJ after we had built the house and were on a visit to my husband’s family in South Jersey. It was perfect for this spot. Up until then, all I saw were dark wood cabinets for cups and saucers so I jumped on this new fashion of black metal!

I found the lamp at Target years ago…I think when they had first started carrying Rachel Ashwell’s line. The shade was found at TJMaxx.

So…my English inspired area was done and I love it…still do….but I need a change….

Stop back tomorrow to see what I did with this as a focal point……


  1. I want that sign, and I want it NOW!


  2. First of all, how do I NOT accept comments from “anonymous?? Now, I love this spot, that painting is so pretty. I also LOVE cape May, NJ! We always went there as children and I still go there to this day. I will be anxious to see what you do with the new piece. XO, Pinky

  3. I think it really looks terrific and well thought-out! Well done.

    Do have a fabulous weekend!!

  4. Your transfer ware is gorgeous!! I already love this arrangement. I can not wait to see what you do next to this already perfect spot.

  5. Oh, this is a cliff hanger for sure!!! I love the red transfer ware…Hope that says? Yes, Maggie is a great guest blogger…Wow, you can hardly call her store an antiques store, it is so fabulous!


  6. I love the chest of drawers, I started painting in high school and then much later my Mom dragged me to a tole painting class…I had forgotten how much I loved it and I got pretty good at it! One style of my paintings looked very much like your chest of drawers. My painting helped support my children when they were young. I painted old work saws with family farms from photos of old homesteads, furniture, old buckets, wine crates, blackboards, etc. It’s been years since I’ve done that kind of painting and when I looked at your chest, it makes me want to pick it back up again…I wonder if it’s just like getting back on a bike??? Can’t wait to see what you’ve done to your special place!

  7. The sign is awesome! My reader has been broken. I thought all my blog peeps stopped doing projects. So glad everyone is back!

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