Easter Re-run

I don’t do much “Easter” themed decorating.
But, last year I re-created a store display I had seen at a cute local shop called Topiaries.

It’s a bit crazy and over the top but I thought I show it to you again!
It’s not the kind of thing you can put on a dining table.
In fact, it may need a room of it’s own.
But, nonetheless…I LOVE it…my…

Nest Egg
(elaborate tutorial to follow)

grapevine wreath to fit over whatever size urn or container you want to use
assorted trims and ribbons
a faux egg, whatever size you choose

I was inspired by the store display, as I mentioned but until I saw a 
freakishly large egg in Michaels, 
I didn’t think I would be able to do it.
I mean the pterodactyls died out awhile ago I heard…

Anyway….a piece of advice:
Find your egg first because it will dictate the size of the container you use.

I spray painted it turquoise

And then flecked it all over with spots.
While that dried, I assembled my “nest”.

I put the grapevine wreath over a floor lamp so the bits I was adding could dangle down. It helps to see how it looks and be able to walk around it and make adjustments.

I actually thought….”if I was having a luau, this would be great over all the lamps”…keep that in mind for your next luau.

Anyway, I just tied lengths of the raffia onto the wreath.

Once the base of raffia is done. Just go crazy tying stuff on….
It’s a great way to use up some stash of trims because colorful and even gaudy can work.

I used grosgrain and satin ribbon, tulle, rickrack…

and even this wired floral garland…
anything goes…

Once I was satisfied I had enough crap beautiful trims
on there……
I put it on the urn and set the egg on top……

Oh yeah….
a thing of beauty…
only the “Wererabbit” could carry this sucker into the house….

My “ever so artistic” family just stared at it…
a couple of them said “wow, that’s really something”.


I knew YOU would understand…
That’s why I’m sharing it again…..
I just need to know it’s REALLY something….

Isn’t it?

Stay tuned…I even have another version 
because I know you can’t get enough of my 
crap creations….

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  1. I just love your wonderful creative genuiness…:) I can tell you are a happy and enjoyable person. Anyone who sees your “big egg” decor will have to smile. I love your posts…always make me smile..Happy Easter Blessings!

  2. Love it, Lorraine! That is one big egg! I’d hate to come upon the Easter Bunny that is carrying this sucker in a dark alley. : ) This would be a great centerpiece for an Easter table or buffet. I love all the trims added in with the raffia.

  3. Oh, Lorraine…great minds like yours just can’t be understood by some people! Just reply like my hubby does whenever I raise an eyebrow to one of his projects- he says ‘Well! I guess you just don’t understand how these things are done in Europe!’
    And no, he’s not European. Make sure you throw in a little accent, too, so you’ll sound superior to the ‘know it nothings’ at your house. 😉

  4. Oh! This is really fun and pretty! I love that it’s in an urn too. Think I’ll try this with lots of green moss hanging down…and maybe some rhinestone chain too….and maybe bling up the egg….my mind is going!
    At least my daughter will squeal with delight at my creations…my teenage son and husband just nod and say “great” with barely a glance. Thanks for your inspiration! Catherine (new follower)

  5. LOL-OMGosh, Lorraine- I am just grinning like a fool here! It is just so danged outrageously cute I can’t stand it! My family would never “get it” either! Love it- xo Diana

  6. Hate to see what happens when that bird of paradise flys over head!


  7. That’s a HUGE egg…lol, commanding its throne. Never a dull moment with you around! Your posts always have me in stitches! Lovely and unique creation:)

  8. “Eggsactily” what we need for Easter…a beautiful giant egg. I love the creativity.

  9. Hi Lorraine, This is awesome. I love it and with this in your decor, you don’t need anything else. It makes a statement. Thanks for sharing your rerun.
    Happy Easter!

  10. In this case, it looks like we know which came first (chicken vs. egg, egg vs. container). I think that egg is from a Flibbertigigget Bird and it looks wonderful in it’s Flibbertigigget nest!
    Sometimes I will look at something and immediately know what to transform it into. People say how did you come up with that and I respond…how could you not?
    LOVE IT!!

  11. Eyes wander as I occasionally inspect my shoe while I take furtive glances at this ummmm nest. “Gosh. It’s lovely. Did you mention you have some hard liquor around here? I’ll have just a bit, two fingers should be fine, or a tumbler full and then we’ll talk about this creation some more. Okay?”

  12. This is AWESOME! I can just envision your family looking at it with “that look”!! I’m thinkin I can create one with a martini in my hand and let the creative juices flow! I think it’s “the bomb”! ~~Angela

  13. I liked it last year and I still like it this year. So that means it is, indeed “something”

  14. Very Whimsical! It is an expression of you and your humor too! Love it!

  15. I like it Lorraine, it sure is different!

  16. That is an awesome nest!

  17. That definitely called for a place of prominence in the center of a room! I can envision that in a store for sure. Now if you just had a chocolate fountain coming out of it, I bet your family would embrace it more! LOL!

  18. Makes me want to sing a lullaby to it.


  19. Beyond darling! Thanks for a wonderful share.

    Today I am rejoicing that the tomb was empty. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Easter!

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