Reading Is FUNdamental

Some of you may remember that saying…..

“Reading is FUNdamental”

I do.
Here’s a little history lesson…..

Through the turbulent 1960’s the inner cities of the US became hot beds of crime, poverty and illiteracy.
Some of the now familiar organizations that impact the inner city and the poor…. mostly (not all)…. African-American and Hispanic populations were not even in existence.

I can remember news stories of huge riots across the US in the very late 60’s. They were the result of terrible poverty, unemployment, poor education and many other things.

Some bright person realized that if we could focus on improving the educational status of the children, we might have a chance to change the next generation. An observation was made that many children sat in front of the television for hours at a time….whether because a parent was afraid to let them go outside and play in the glass and needle strewn local park, or because they were left alone while a single mother went to work, or for whatever reason. 
Sidebar here…
The younger people need to be reminded that there was no cable company….reception could be had simply by the two wires sticking up off the top of the TV…”rabbit ears” …(see…fooled you…this IS a Spring post!) 
So, even poor kids could watch TV.

Oh, yeah….in black and white too, unless you specifically BOUGHT a color TV.
My kids won’t even WATCH a movie in black and white!

Sesame Street was born, The Electric Company, Reading Rainbow came along….STOP and HeadStart programs encouraged pre-school……
Sidebar again young people, 
there was no pre-school unless you had some $$$ and wanted to send your child. And NO ONE…I mean NO ONE ate breakfast at school…another great idea to feed hungry, unable to learn, tired, overwhelmed little kids.

By the time I had my first child in the early 70’s, Sesame Street was a staple and was winning award after award. I LOVED it and we watched it every day. It was funny and SO creative…it’s changed now, like the times….
back then we were experiencing the cutting edge of children’s educational television.

Reading is FUNdamental

was a saying designed to remove the “ugh” from reading
You know…like reading is FUN

Someone like me cannot even identify with a non-reader…..
as a child I devoured 3 -4 books a week.
I only read less now because I am so busy.

I have a little guy who hears….

come out of my mouth ALL the time…..

Even before he arrived at my house, I had partially filled the bookshelves…
But, so far, he hasn’t developed the appetite…..
Oh, he reads just fine….when I make him…
but the LOVE….that’s what I long to see..
Gimme some LOVE baby
(definitely an old saying…remember Venus Flytrap?)

a cute book table will SURELY help

and make him want to

I joined a book club to force myself into the adult world so I could talk about something other than
Fruity Sparkles
messy rooms
cleaning fingernails
wearing clean underwear
buying hot Cheetos
feeding the cat
doing homework

you know…Mom’s Life stuff
(check the link….funny)

I have read 
The Forgotten Garden (very good)
Enders Game (our club concession to sci-fi)
The Fault in Our Stars (OK…but a teen book)
next is Pillars of The Earth ( a re-read for me, but worth it)
after that is The Hotel on The Corner of Bitter and Sweet

sadly, NONE of us (except the Eng Lit major) could bear 
George Eliot’s Middlemarch
maybe another time….on a desert island…when I’m desperate

I am also on the second book in the Midwife series (fantastic!)
read a bio of Cary Grant…don’t do it, I’m totally disillusioned(sigh)
a bio of Dick Van Dyke, good but he’s SO nice it was a bit boring

That was all since January so I guess I’m not doing TOO bad.
Not up to par…but OK

I’d do MUCH better I’m sure if I had a cute table like this…

What are you reading?


  1. Love the table, Lorraine! I’m a reader, too, and have been since I was a kid. Nancy Drew was my favorite series to read. I just hit the library’s book sale this past weekend so I’ve got 11 books, with one down, to read through. The only author I recognized from the ones I chose was Olivia Goldsmith {First Wives Club}. I got three of hers and the others are hit or miss because they are all new authors to me.

  2. There was School House Rock too! Loved it! Reading Rainbow was my kids favorite. Cute! I like the word read on it, Books are awesome but I don’t get the chance to read as much because I am usually reading the blogs!!

  3. I want to read Hotel OTCOBAS…I’ve been binge watching all three seasons of Downton. Only one episode left and then my depression will start…I have loved it so much.
    I have two reading sons out of the three…I just told the youngest that he liked to read when he was younger and he replied ‘no, I liked for you to read TO me!’. I have a shelf piled high that I’m hoping to get to this summer.
    Sweet little table, Lorraine.

  4. Oh- Yes- I am a reader, too. I was reading even before I started school. Right now I am reading the last book Maeve Binchy wrote before she died. I will be sad to think I will not read any more of her Irish stories- xo Diana

  5. That table is adorable! My daughter & I are big readers. I just finished reading The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen. Ricki Jill (Art @ Home) recommended it some time ago & I finally got around to reading it. Not sure what will be up next.

  6. Hi Lorraine, I just love your READ table. Way wonderful. I too am a huge reader. I read everything I can and usually have several books going at one time. Always a design book in hand too.
    At the moment I am reading, The Arrivls by Meg Mitchell. Next up, Tumbleweeds by Leila Meacham who is a great writer and this is her second book. The first is titled Roses and a real page turner. I highly recommend it. And last, I have plans to read Whitethorn Woods by Maeve Binchy
    This will keep me busy for awhile. I wish I had more time. My love of designing and painting has me busy by day but I love to read at night.

    Loved this post.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  7. I read your blog to find out what I should read! Oh, and back when we were kids, not only was there no preschool unless the folks had $$$, but my mom was the one who made sure I ate breakfast, she didn’t leave it up to the government.


  8. Hey..I had a table just like that when I was a kid…now tell me that table is a 100 years old!…:)….you did a great job on the table…love it…And I am currently reading “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand…

  9. I am still reading Bill Bryson’s books. I sit and laugh out loud…which was a little embarrassing recently at the Hilton in Downtown Atlanta! I personally loved Middlemarch! I recently partially read Peal of Great Price…lost interest. Sorry! I find since I am a mom of teens and the reading time is 10 minutes a sitting I need quick easy reads. The Meely LaBauve books by Ken Wells were wonderful. Quick reads but very entertaining.

  10. That was supposed to be The Pearl of Great Price.

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