Spring Has Arrived!

I think…possibly….maybe…Spring might actually be here.

Yesterday it went up to a whopping 70 degrees for a short while in the afternoon. The weatherman says it might only hover in the 60’s all week, but that’s much better than 40!


I’m  sure you all had a lovely Easter. We had about 20 here for dinner.

Easter for Jen 2


Everyone scattered around.

Easter for jen 7


There was lots of talking and eating…just the way I like it!


Easter for jen 3


Turns out, the MOST talked about thing was this…..

Easter for jen 8

You’ve heard about this anniversary edition of blue jars….right?

I found some at a local Feed and Seed because they are sold out at the online site. I bought a few cases and ended up selling one off to my sister-in-law after dinner! I guess I need to go back to the Feed and Seed and see if he has any more!

My in-laws discussed how the color wasn’t right….they’re correct, although the color may have been brighter originally even in the antique jars I have. All the actual use of the jars (packing with veg, boiling, storage in a dark area) might have changed the color over time….who knows. These are definitely bright! But awfully pretty too!

I decorated a few areas before the dinner and made sure to move the olive buckets…..with an “S”… as in TWO olive buckets…I’m just sayin’…

easter for jen 11


The chalkboard in the foyer was already finished…

finish chalkboard 2


I added some small touches around in other areas.


Easter for jen 9



But the very best part (beside spending time with family) is that the house is all clean!!

I even finished painting the kitchen!…I’m doing a teeny makeover in there….

No more boxes in the dining room…

No more projects lying around the living room…

And I get to sleep later than 6am every day this week because there’s no school!

We don’t have any plans really….

Except a trip to the Feed and Seed for supplies……..






  1. Ooooh, loving those blue jars. I need to find some up here! Thanks for the tip. So glad you had a lovely Easter x

  2. It is looking like spring around here but does not feel like it.At 36 degrees it is a bit too chilly for me. Love those jars so pretty with your flowers!Pretty spring olive buckets too!

  3. Nancy Carr says:

    Beautiful! Wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

  4. So glad your day was wonderful. I don’t care what anyone says about the color of your mason jars, they are so pretty with the yellow daffodils. So springtime and happy looking.

  5. Looks GREAT, Lorraine!

    So glad you enjoyed your holiday.

    Your touches are lovely.

    And everyone is right about the colour of the Ball jars – I am surprised they did it like that.

    Anyway, enjoy your warm weather and send some our way to Ohio please!

  6. Your home is stunning! That is all I have to say! xx

  7. Lovely home and family! Enjoy your week!!!~~Angela

  8. Your home is so beautiful Lorraine! You’ll have to give me a tour one day! 😉
    Looks like a lovely day spent with your family. 🙂
    Oh! and I’m so glad you got your kitchen done! 😉
    Hope you are having a great week

  9. I love it when the house is clean and we are on spring break too! It’s funny you mention the Ball jars. A rep for them sent me a box in the mail. He contacted me through my blog. It was a wonderful surprise. I like what you did with them. Your home is beautiful. Enjoy the rest of spring break!

  10. Spring has arrived at your house…AND it is all clean and shiny! Blessings to you -great pictures- xo Diana

  11. Your home looked just lovely for your Easter dinner. I love that you used the small round table for the two children. I’ve got several tables like that, and I’m going to remember this idea when I need more seating for dinner!

  12. Beautiful! Do you have a post on the chalk board I would love to see more on it, it looks so unusual.

  13. Hi Lorraine, Your home looked lovely and you can see everyone was having a wondeful time. Love the jars and the olive buckets. The two little ones at the small round table is precious.
    Have a blessed week.
    Hugs, CM

  14. Sheila Moore says:

    Lorraine…loved all your touches and esp. the blue jars. These would be perfect for my son’s wedding as they are using mason jars and sunflowers. I live in Newport News, not far from you, can you tell me the name of the Feed and Seed you got them from? Thanks in advance,

  15. Your house looks so pretty for spring! I love the archways!

    Happy belated Easter!

  16. Beautiful home! So festive and lovely. Lorraine, you do a wonderful job of entertaining. Love the blue jars, a must search and have for me! Thanks for your Easter post.

  17. Looks like you had a great day with your family. I’m with you – I would be rejoicing over the whole clean house thing! Still 40 here during the day, but I think we might get one warmer, dry day this weekend, which just means I get to clean up the gardens. Whoopee! I didn’t know anything about those anniversary ball jars. They look great. Enjoy sleeping in this week!

  18. Your house is fabulous! I’m loving getting a peek at it. Those olive buckets (2!) made quite a statement too.

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