Shopping At The Thrift Store

Yesterday was Thursday…old people discount day at several thrift shops in the area.

So, being the appropriate “femme d’un certain age” …off I went!

Here are some of the finds from yesterday.

Of course, it’s overcast here today so pictures are VERY difficult.

Compounding the problem, I’m too lazy to sweep the porch, drag out the stuff and arrange a REALLY CUTE vignette…

Here they are, in all their glory…on the stairs in the foyer…..c’est la vie!

A metal first aid cabinet, some antique books full of sheet music and what appeared to be an ironstone tureen at a distance……


And turned out to be a chamber pot…..hey, I’m not proud……eat out of it or deposit used food into it……it’s ironstone!


The sheet music will come in VERY handy as I make LOTS of sheet music wreaths during the Christmas holiday….


Next on the “stage” is a vintage lamp, a vintage Maille Moutarde (Maille Mustard) holder, and a nicely crazed small ironstone bowl from TH Green…..


Maille mustard is famous in France (and beyond). I brought some home from Paris and we loved it. It has a real bite and the kids don’t like it much.

When we took our cooking class in Paris last year, the instructor informed us that buying in France was preferable because the mustard sent to the US did not have champagne in it and therefore tasted differently. I didn’t hear much after “champagne” but like a good little acolyte….we bought some that day to take home. This little holder is really cute. I have no idea what the holes in the handle are for but I am guessing a metal ring for carrying or maybe little wooden spoons for the mustard? It has two unfortunate chips in the white container lid but is otherwise in great condition. Someone who is a Francophile, like me will like it perhaps!


Only an ironstone lover would buy this crazed, discolored bowl….call me crazy….my husband does.


Now, last but not least…..a new chandelier for the living room….


It’s about the size of the white one I have now but much more curvy and Frenchy….


For some reason, when I said I wanted to change the chandelier in the living room, my husband did not seem as excited as I was…..

he was probably just tired…..

Did I mention the chandelier was $25? That didn’t seem to excite him either…..maybe he’s sick……

OK…that’s it for today! I’m off to the shop to clean up a bit, stock some paint and drop off a couple things!

Have you been thrift shopping lately?


  1. I went for the first time in months last week! I found a few vintage treasures and a brand new Restoration Hardware shower curtain.
    You made some fantastic finds….a chandy for 25 bucks???
    Can’t wait to see what you do with it.
    Tina recently posted…Laughin’ and a runnin’, hey hey…My Profile

  2. I’m still laughing at “femme d’un certain age”… 😛

    Andi recently posted…how to cut insulations bats and shove staples in your kneeMy Profile

  3. WOW- you found some real treasures!

    Well done!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Wow great finds! Oh yes I love finding any ironstone.And if it has crazing….be still my heart….sigh! LOL my husband is never enthusiastic either when I bring home a new lighting fixture.The last time I practically did it myself with his assistance…but hey that’s fine.I can claim that I am the one that did it 🙂

  5. How much do I love that chandelier. Well, I love it so much I feeling come over and taking it over!!! I can’t wait to see what you do with that beauty.

    Cynthia recently posted…For the Love of a PillowMy Profile

  6. That ironstone is awesome…not matter what it USED to be! I’ll give you $26.00 for that chandelier!

  7. I have not stepped into a thrift store in forever! I’m ready though! You sure found some fun stuff and I love that chandelier. Guessing you have a plan for it besides just hanging it up.
    Danni@SiloHillFarm recently posted…HOW ABOUT SOME FUN FOR A FRIDAY MORNING?My Profile

  8. You found some WONDERFUL things, Lorraine. Hmmm…not excited about your wonderful finds? I wonder if he would have liked a painting of Marilyn Monroe on black velvet instead? I saw one here not too long ago. lol Hope you have a great weekend- xo Diana
    Nana Diana recently posted…The Kitchen Witch Stages The KitchenMy Profile

  9. Nice finds, Lorraine. I’m an ironstone lover, and I love the crazing on the bowl. Love that mustard holder too.
    Rosemary recently posted…My First FARRAGOZ ProjectMy Profile

  10. Lorraine…you certainly got some great deals there!….and the “no response” from hubby is that maybe he was in shock…$25 for that chandy…I would be in shock too!…it is gorgeous!…have a wonderful weekend enjoying your new finds!

  11. Love all of your great finds!! What kind of sheet music wreaths do you make? Is there a link to a post showing them??


  12. I can’t wait to get old lady discounts LOL Ummm don’t think I could eat out of a chamber pot no matter how clean if it had been used, but I dont get hubby’s reluctance $25 score!
    Mel recently posted…Freaking Awesome Friday #1My Profile

  13. You found some great things, Lorraine! Love the chandelier! I haven’t been thrifting in several weeks now. I’ve been hitting garage sales instead and finding quite a bit. I was just thinking yesterday, coming home from the last garage sale of the day, that they will be done with soon enough and then I’ll have to hit the thrift stores again for my “fix”! : )
    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions recently posted…Hitting The Right KeyMy Profile

    • I actually hadn’t been out since well before Haven! I was saving money for the trip! I try not to think about what I might have missed! LOL I rarely do yard sales though….driving all over the place for plastic baby furniture when I finally get there just frustrates me! I will stop at those neighborhood sales….at least i can hit a bunch at once. But I am mainly a thriftier with an occasional estate sale thrown in there.

  14. As another “femme”–just want to say that I, too, have an ironstone chamber pot. I use it for compost!
    kirby carespodi recently posted…Making a few changes around here…My Profile

    • I used to have a metal “compost” can with a (supposedly) charcoal filter to stop smells. It not only LOOKED bad on the counter, it SMELLED bad! Chamber pot to the rescue! Great idea and looks pretty too!

  15. Wow girl you scored!! I have an ironstone chamber pot too! lol

  16. You really scored!!! Love the chandelier! ~~Angela
    Angela recently posted…Pallet Swing!!!My Profile

  17. What could be wrong? Maybe an antidepressant? Irritable bowel? Could be any number of things! I’m certain it wasn’t the prospect of changing the light fixture!


  1. […] You know I’m a thrift store gal already and over the past couple years I have found some great light fixtures! They have been in the garage except for the most recent find…that chandelier I found last week. You can take a peek at it here. […]

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