Fall Decor in the Foyer

Last Saturday we had some company for dinner.

My brother, sister-in-law and her Mum, who was visiting from the UK.

I cleaned off the dining room table in honor of them…….and I’ve kept it clean because for the next two weekends we will be having company.

All I need is a reason and I can be just as dedicated as all the Suzy Homemakers out there…..I can…

I decided that the Spring decor needed to come down since Spring had (a LOOONNG time ago) given way to Summer which had now given way to Fall…practically.

You can see the Spring foyer here….

I’m not sure I’ve told you HOW MUCH I love my foyer…..


Not just because it’s a pretty foyer….it is. Black and white marble floor, curved staircase, arched doorway, great chalkboard…….

It’s because it stays the same…..All. The. Time.

No papers, no clothing, no dishes……static….predictable…..easy….

When I feel like changing the look on the sideboard…..done…


I love creating vignettes for this spot. Fall is an especially nice time for the foyer because of the dark wood of the sideboard.  I used white pottery and ironstone to offset the deep tones of the sideboard and chalkboard. I left the green grass mat in place from Spring. This was super easy and took about 15 minutes.

I had gone to Target a few days before and took a walk through the floral aisle which is always a place for great bargains at the change of seasons. I found a few boxes of these little pomegranates. A nice, money saving addition to this vignette.



I can decorate with confidence, knowing that this will sit here…undisturbed….until at least December…

I need these small consistencies in my life because every day around here is a new adventure for me as I attempt to singlehandedly maintain some order.

When all else fails and I feel like I want to scream (like today), I can walk into the foyer and look at my pretty sideboard.

Who ever thought my life would be reduced to only being able to manage consistency on a sideboard in the foyer?…..sigh….

I wish I could paint. Wouldn’t this make a pretty painting?


That night I enjoyed doing some cooking too….haven’t enjoyed cooking in awhile for some reason.

I made a slow roasted pork loin, steamed asparagus and green beans and mashed potatoes with carmelized onion, garlic and feta. Everyone cleaned their plates and Mum had TWO!!

My sister-in-law left with these…..


She wanted the basket too….cheeky Brit….


I said, “No, just the hydrangeas please”…….


She is a Primitive artist so she likes this brown/cream color the best.

By the way!! She has just been published in the Stampington Magazine “Prims”.  I am SO proud of her! All her dolls are handmade from her own patterns.


If you like primitive or know someone who does then please visit her at Bittersweet Folkart.

You can tell her I sent you….but hold on to your basket if you know what’s good for you.

You never know when those Brits are going to rise up and try and take back what they lost.


  1. Your Fall decor looks beautiful Mom!! Good deal at Target too, wish I had found those!

  2. Beautiful! I luv the combination of ironstone and dried hydrangea blooms, my favourite. Have them as my pre Fall vignette as well.
    My family from the UK comes in November. Visiting from Liverpool and Borden.
    here’ hoping your SIL’s hydrangeas made it home safely.
    Hugs, Gee
    Gee recently posted…HopeMy Profile

  3. Lorraine, this is just gorgeous!! I missed your chalkboard reveal back in March, Holy Cow, it’s amazing!!! what a wonderful idea to use that fabulous piece as a chalkboard!
    Debra@CommonGround recently posted…Be Inspired #155 Hurray for September!My Profile

  4. Love, Love, Love!!!!
    Tina recently posted…Come on over!My Profile

  5. What a gorgeous post. Love the hydrangeas and that blackboard is just great. I didn’t know about your blog back in March. Wow truly amazing!!

    Cynthia recently posted…For the Love of a PillowMy Profile

  6. OK, I have concluded that hydrangeas are better than chocolate. They are THE most beautiful flower any time of year. You pictures should be paintings. And I’m gonna stop and see the primitives, her punkin head is awesome.
    Bliss recently posted…The Elements of a Teen Boys RoomMy Profile

  7. Lorraine- Your foyer decorating is amazing. I just love it-and what fun to share it with your company. Those first two pictures actually look like still life paintings! Gorgeous job. Enjoy your weekend- xo Diana
    Nana Diana recently posted…You’ve Picked Your Seat Now Come To DinnerMy Profile

  8. Your fall vignette is just beautiful. I love the idea about painting that still!
    Harvey Pumpkin Guy is awesome!
    You’re getting me inspired for fall. : )
    Deb@LakeGirlPaints recently posted…Chalkboard Top DresserMy Profile

  9. Your dried hydrangeas are gorgeous in the white ironstone containers.
    Mary Alice
    Mary Alice Patterson recently posted…Glimpses of Fall Around the HouseMy Profile

  10. Love the prim! And the sideboard looks lovely!
    kirby carespodi recently posted…Come on over (the hill) for Feature Friday!My Profile

  11. You outdid yourself with this vignette. That chalkboard is wonderful and so is the artwork on it.
    Little Miss Maggie recently posted…Ladder Style ShelfMy Profile

  12. Beautiful, Lorraine! That whole are with your chalkboard, the sideboard, and the vignette you set up looks great. I would enjoy looking at that myself.
    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions recently posted…Dome Clock MakeoverMy Profile

  13. Your foyer display is lovely.
    Carol recently posted…I See Sea ShellsMy Profile

  14. Gorgeous, puts me in the fall spirit! What a deal at Target! Lovely post!

  15. Your entry is absolutely beautiful! I don’t blame you for liking sameness somewhere…I do too. There’s nothing wrong with loving something enough to leave it the same.

    I recently found little boxes like that from Target but mine are little artichokes. Love them!

    Your hydrangeas are amazing! You are so lucky to have them.

  16. Your entry is absolutely beautiful! I don’t blame you for liking sameness somewhere…I do too. There’s nothing wrong with loving something enough to leave it the same for awhile. I also love areas that stay nice and pretty. No junk allowed. 🙂

    I recently found little boxes like that from Target but mine are little artichokes. Love them!

    Your hydrangeas are amazing! You are so lucky to have them.

  17. Hahaha…the Brits are going to rise up, and the South’s gonna do it again. (Do what again, I’m not exactly sure.)

    But there you go with those hydrangeas again. I’m so hydrenvious.

    Andi recently posted…the pot filler, the vessel sink, and the buttheadMy Profile

  18. It’ all looks so pretty! I never did one single summer decoration and will be moving from spring to fall myself. LMBO at that last line Lorraine!
    Danni@SiloHillFarm recently posted…IT’S MY LUCKY DAY!!My Profile

  19. Beautiful Lorraine! I have such hydrangea envy! Your foyer is absolutely gorgeous and I understand why you could just stare at it for periods at a time! Classic, timeless beauty!~~Angela

  20. I did my half-fall mantle in hydrangeas. Just the ones I’m currently drying. Can you believe I still have new fresh hydrangea blooms on some of my bushes? Your arrangement is lovely. I have that same ironstone pitcher on my mantle. Jennifer and I found it in two sizes at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago. She bought the bigger one (I think maybe your size) and I bought the smaller one. Small world huh? Your sister-in law is very talented!
    karen@somewhatquirky recently posted…Why It Can’t Be Fall YetMy Profile

  21. Your foyer is gorgeous! Love that mirror/chalkboard!You did a beautiful job on your fall vignette.Congratulations to your SIL!

  22. It’s gorgeous, better not lend me any baskets after all us Aussies are the criminal element from Britain
    Mel recently posted…Freaking Awesome Friday #4My Profile

  23. These photos belong in a magazine Lorraine – no scratch that – not in a magazine – on the cover!!!
    Absolutely gorgeous – the apples look beautiful too!
    I used real ones last year – looked horrible after 2 days LOL
    Suzan recently posted…Paris Themed Giveaway # 5My Profile

  24. Can I just say Gorgeous!!! That first photo looks like the cover of a decorating book. I love the dark wood of your sideboard, the chalkboard……all of it!
    Vickie recently posted…Detour.My Profile

  25. Oh how beautiful…you reminded me that I need to cut my hydrangeas…Such a stunning vignette!
    Shirley@Housepitality Designs recently posted…More Kitchen TreasuresMy Profile

  26. Ack!! I can only partially see that blackboard, but it looks amazing! Those hydrangeas…yes, please!! I’ll even let you keep the basket!
    Jean recently posted…Basement Remodel Update: That snail is barely moving…My Profile

  27. Fabulous post! Your fall foyer is just gorgeous. Can’t stop drooling over that fantastic chalkboard.
    Your style is impeccable! I’d love to have you link with us.
    Patti recently posted…Fallin’ for CopperMy Profile

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