Pretty Vintage Game Table Set

This is the last post about the vintage market I did at the end of September.

The sponsor was Kim from A Vintage Frame Of Mind. HERE  is the link for Kim’s FB page…go give her a like! This show was held in Currituck NC at the site of the Gravedigger…..a giant monster truck. It was a nice spot with a cute diner, a big bouncy thing for kids and of course, rides in the monster truck. My boys loved that!


She has two more shows coming up that I am still thinking about doing. One is a pop-up show at a vineyard the day after Thanksgiving (YIKES!!!), and the next is a Christmas show the weekend of Dec 13th. Both shows are nicely edited by Kim so that the vendors are vintage, antique and handcrafted artisans. I gave the link above, so if you are nearby, check out her schedule!! The shows are close, within 2 hrs easily from me, so I am really thinking about it. It is helpful for my business to do these shows (so I can stop toiling in obscurity) but the idea (right this minute) of hauling and setting up is holding me back…….decisions, decisions…..

Remember these chairs? You can see the makeover HERE.

bandana chairs 8

Well, they have been sitting in the shop since I finished them. I thought they might need a companion piece so I was keeping my eye out for a table to go with them. The same day I found the vintage gateleg table at Salvation Army which I turned into a Grain Sack Table, I found a vintage game table from Italy….no chairs, just the table…PERFECT!

This is how the set looked all finished….


I don’t have a pic of the table unfinished but it was brown.

The only ornamentation was an inlaid contrasting wood band running around the top of the table which was partially lifted. I sanded it smooth and gave it a couple coats of Powder River Lakota White….a nice, slightly off white shade.


Then I was stumped. I wanted to make it a companion piece for the chairs But wasn’t sure exactly what to do next. I decided to use Prairie Grass from Powder River and do the edge of the table in that.

Originally, I thought about doing a large motif in the center of the table that was a copy of the fabric on the chairs. However, I’m no artist and the thought of copying the fabric design with only one week until the vintage show was daunting. I had lots of other things to do and I was afraid I would be biting off more than I could chew.



I decided to add a wide stripe of the Bandana shade, the same shade as the chairs, around the edge of the table. The slight depression from the damaged inlay was still visible and this took care of that problem well.


You can see the brush strokes pretty strongly here but I sanded lightly between each coat so it was much smoother later on. Powder River paint has a high limestone content and each time it is sanded the stone powder in the paint is being polished, in effect. This results in a nice, durable finish


It seemed a bit boring to me after that so I decided to add some curvy vines and leaves just in the corners of the table and along the border of the Bandana stripe.

I distressed it a bit before giving it a good polish with Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Wax and decided to leave well enough alone!

This is a pretty awful picture but I just couldn’t get rid of the yellowish cast from those shop lights! I had planned to get a picture before I moved it back to the shop but rain, rain and more rain killed that idea.


It didn’t sell at the show but again, I had lots of lookers. So, back to the shop it went! C’est la vie!

Before I stop talking about the vintage show, I have to show off some of my sister-in-law’s beautiful things! A few weeks before the show, she was lucky enough to score a big trunk FULL of vintage clothing! She washed and dried them and brought them to the show. I took some pics for her website and wanted to show you how beautiful they were!


The details on the clothing were just gorgeous!


Look at the lace on this sleeve…..


And, inside the trunk, she found this parasol!


She also makes primitive dolls and angels and sells them on her website. If you like primitive, check her creations out HERE


Have a great weekend!!!


  1. That old game table is fabulous. I just love it!!!! You did a great job painting it. Those clothes are just amazing, too! Hope you have a great weekend- xo Diana
    Nana Diana recently posted…LOOK AT THIS HOUSE My Daughter Found!My Profile

  2. Great set, Lorraine! I love the colors. I think your vine and leaf design in the corners is just enough for this table.
    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions recently posted…New Guest Room CurtainsMy Profile

  3. Wow, I am impressed. That is one terrific game table now and they are so hard to find. I think all these pieces make a perfect union. Nicely done. I am sure the set will sell soon if it already hasn’t.
    Little Miss Maggie recently posted…Chippy Little Jewely CabinetMy Profile

  4. I love your game table! It’s such a different kind of least to me! I think the little vines in the 4 corners look lovely and are the perfect touch! I do hope you go back and do some of Kim’s shows! She sure raved about you! I’m hoping to get to one myself before too long.
    Danni@SiloHillFarm recently posted…WITCHES NITE OUT 2013My Profile

  5. What a beautiful table, very unique!
    Inspire Me Heather recently posted…{stories of a house} feeling a little craftyMy Profile

  6. What a sweet table and chairs! They would look wonderful in a sunporch and would make a perfect game table. Your grainsack painted table in your previous post turned out fabulous and I can see why it sold so quickly. Love your sister-in-law’s primitive dolls!!
    Vickie recently posted…Painting the town….green?My Profile

  7. Wowzers! I loved those chairs before, but now with the table….AWESOME!!

    Andi recently posted…andi’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad ideaMy Profile

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