Thursday Shopper #9

Good morning Dahlings!

There’s a BUZZ of excitement today
a NEW GOODWILL is opening!!
Be still my heart!
YOU know, better than anyone, that TS 
LOVES the thrift store!
Where else would she have found that lovely retro sheath 
and those long gloves she loves?

Back soon with the results!!!

Psssst….Miss Flibbertigibbet was recently featured at

Hello Dahlings!
TS is back and soaking her (perfectly manicured)
toes in a much deserved  tub!
 The new Goodwill was QUITE busy
as you can see by the line we were in….

About 15 people in front of me feeding to three registers. 
It moved pretty well since there were almost as many Goodwill employees as customers. 
I love that part of the new openings….
there’s always someone to carry furniture and find prices!

Here is what I found today…

a very tarnished silverplate tray with handles
this will make another lovely Elegant Magnet Board
for the shop

I cleaned it up just a bit so you could see the potential

Beautifully ornate edges

Another Redmon Picnic hamper…I sold one of these last month
they’re very collectible

A nice plaque

And finally…the absolute best thing I’ve found in awhile….

The color is soft aqua…you know I love THAT

 It’s metal with a sweet pierced edge

And a sweet little knob and painted pink rose

What could it be?

That squealing sound is me……
Is this too cute?
A vintage metal medicine cabinet

It’s in such great condition too!

And that little handpainted design

What is that sticky residue?
Oh, yes…the price tag….
So, you want to know how much I paid for it?








that would be eight dollars and twenty five cents
eight hundred and twenty five pennies

Oh yes….this was  GOOD day at GOODWILL

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  1. I was drawn to your blog for the name, but I stayed because of the content. Its so delightful and refreshing. You lucky lady – getting a new Goodwill. Have fun shopping!
    I’m a new follower and can’t wait to go browse around some more. Pop over for a visit sometime.


  2. m1m1vabeach says:

    Where is the new Goodwill? I love your great finds!

  3. Love it!!! I have collected vintage toleware for years, but I’ve never seen such a cute cabinet! And that price?! Definitely worth waiting in line for. Lucky you!

  4. Oh yes–you have found some awesome goodies; I love them all; especially fond of anything silver and scrolly!

  5. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!! awesome finds!!!!!! the silver is divine!!!! whohooooooooooooooooooo a new place to thrift!!!! CONGRATS!!!! hugs…

  6. Hi, what a fabulous blog …. Love the name! Thanks for visiting mine x Jules x

  7. That vintage medicine is very sweet. Love touches like that on the mundane.

  8. LOVE that medicine cabinet. I’ve never seen one like it. Just like the vintage trash cans I can’t seem to stop buying! So cute. The silver tray is great too. Your post made me remember that a month ago I saw a sign for a brand new Goodwill a couple of towns over. It’s probably open now … I’ve gotta go check it out! I’m following you via Linky Followers. I hope you can pop over to Cottage and Creek and follow back.

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