Bookcage and Library Table

I KNOW all of you follow my Thursday Shopper…RIGHT?
Just in case you don’t, I’ll remind you that a few months ago I went to Pottery Barn.
While I was there, I saw this

It’s in the catalog too so I’m sure you’ve seen it.
It might look like a birdcage…but it’s a bookcage.
One can only assume it’s where you put the books 
you don’t want anyone to touch…right?
This picture was important because the Copycat Challenge was looming and 
it’s one of my favorite parties!
They are SO much fun! 
I spent a few hours over several days looking though magazines
Finally on Wednesday (like the DAY before…sheesh)
I saw the pic in the PB catalog and thought “that’s it!” 
I remembered I had seen it in the store too so I even have a picture to use!
This is going to be a piece of cake!
{wait, is that snow?}
I happened to have a birdcage in the attic.
This birdcage is OLD….not really old, just old like I bought it in the early 80’s old.
It was my very first INTERESTING decorative purchase. 
I paid WAY too much for it at the time because I had NO BUSINESS buying it….
we didn’t have the money. 
But, I wanted it….badly….so I did.

It’s had ivy in it, nothing in it, and once for a short while, two little finch birds.
That was a bad scene…remember this is just a decorative cage. 
I don’t know why they died, maybe it was suicide because of the cage thing, 
but die they did….very quickly.
I scrubbed out the cage (ick) and put it in the attic. 
It’s been there for about 8 years.
I LEAPED out of my chair SO THRILLED that I finally had a project for the 
Copycat Challenge and grabbed it out of the attic.
Like I said, piece of cake.

First, a coat of white paint.
 I rubbed off a bit of the paint on the wires because they are starting to rust nicely. 
Now, where to put it……..
{wait, is that snow?}

Since I took the French China Cabinet and chairs up to the shop, 
there has been this big blank wall in the living room. 
I moved this Asian black chest there because 
it was in a corner of the room where it didn’t belong.

 I’ve been working on lightening up my living room this past year 
and this chest is really not fitting in well. 
The little cage on top is pretty puny…oh boy….
Guess I’ll cover the chest up with something.
{yes…that definitely IS snow}

Digging through closets and drawers to find vintage linens…….
OK…now to layer them on….attractively, if possible….

Remember that scene is Sense and Sensibility when the youngest sister, Margaret, 
hides under the library table?
The table is all draped with cloths, some of which are dragging on the floor.

 And the table is piled with books and other interesting things. 
That’s my second inspiration. 
I can do this…..

OK, ready for books….oops…the opening is pretty small….

Upstairs to the cabinet in the hallway. 
I keep my ACTUAL antique books there because I don’t want them handled.
OK….have a selection of them….

Back downstairs…..they’re kind of dark….add a white bird.
Roaming around the house looking for more stuff…….

I added a marble lamp (thrift store find) with a document shade (of course). 
Trying to stick with a book theme…..duh 

Need more stuff……..
more wandering around…..
OK…rusty wire frame with a botanical drawing…that’s bookish…right?

I have this giant apothecary type bottle that I bought at Home Goods a couple years ago 
so I grab that…….too plain….
I need to fill it with something……shells? No…..
Wait…shredded book pages!

To the studio…where the heck are those books?
That’s good….now the top of the cage looks a bit plain…..
 back to the studio to make a book page tassel for that…..
Thank goodness I found the books already….that saved time…

Someone needs to stop me…..

I think I’m done…..

I went to the dentist this morning
I thought I’d had all my fun for the day…..

I secretly enjoyed every minute….
{even with the snowball effect}
I’m weird that way…..


And after…..

My 14 yr old said it looks great…..he’s such a nice kid…..

I think I need something on the wall….don’t you…..?
{it’s still snowing}

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  1. Wonderful copycat. I love the birdcage idea and yours is great!

  2. Your too funny! I love your copy cat vignette! I would have thought to put all those things together! They look great!

  3. That is beautiful. I love the birdcage Lorraine. What a clever idea. You whipped this up like it was nothing! I love that. THis should be fairly simple for most of us, and fun of course. Thanks so much for joining in.

  4. Beautiful copycat! I love the birdcage idea!! I have been looking for a birdcage but the ones I seen have been too high. Thanks for the inspiration and enjoy your day, Gail

  5. You did a great job and I love all the extra touches, expecially the tassle!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  6. You are hilarious. I LOVE the way you write! I felt like I was right there with y ou every step of the way.

    It is perfect. I *esp* love you came up with filling that bottle with shredded book pages – just what it needed!

    No, you need nothing for the wall. Don’t change a thing.

    WELL DONE, my friend!

    I loved every single word of this post except for the two dead finches. I took that kinda hard. You know I am Finch Rest, gulp.

  7. Yes, you need something on the wall. There is nothing sadder than an empty wall – and I’ve never met one I couldn’t fill! I’m sure you have something lovely to put there though. Nice vignette

  8. I really like it Miss! I may have to find a little spot in my house to copycat you!!!

  9. You gave me multiple laughs reading how your progress went. It turned out great, you should be very proud.

  10. it looks great! love it, I need to shred a book 🙂

  11. The real question in our minds is “Are there any books LEFT in your house?” And the teachers probably don’t believe your kids when they say their mom shredded their homework. :@

    Thanks for a good laugh! I’m still picturing those poor birds committing suicide. Hehehe.

  12. This copycat is so romantic. Got to *love* this! 😀

    Linking from Debbiedoos,
    Ricki Jill

  13. LOL – you did great!! Love all that fabric and it really lightens up the space!! You motivated me to join this party!! Now I just have to think of something….

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I love reading your stories because you have a great sense of humor. Loved what you did with your copycat challenge. Love it!

  16. Love the bird cage and the book page tassel!

  17. Pure Genius!!! Inspired or what?!! So lovely to see the various stages, the amusing comments and fun results.. shredded paper indeed, what a way to use it.. I am amazed at your artistic cleverness.. I shall be back to read more of your blogs.. fantastic, thank you so much for sharing!! J

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