Forefront Rocks!

I’m here to say that my church ROCKS!
You know I love art in all forms and try my hand at it occasionally.
But the church we are fortunate enough to be in is full of some EXTREMELY talented artists.
The staff embraces art and uses it in all it’s forms in their ministry.
We have more than one person who has experience in graphic arts
 and some have degrees in that field.
To add to that we have an awesome band that totally hits it every week!

Sunday I was so struck by this use of string art that I had to share it with you.
Remember string art from the 70’s?
Only if you’re authentically old (like me) 
will you actually remember it
 but I’m here to tell you
it was ugly….
I mean NOT PRETTY in general.
It was one of those fads that have given crafting a bad name. 
One of the reasons we who create things always try 
SO HARD to not say we do crafts EVER.
Check this out though…..
Awesome! Those are edison lightbulbs hanging over the front
(they’re crazy about those right now and I love them too)
This is after the service and we meet in a school auditorium 
so the lighting isn’t the best but you can still see this pretty well.
In case you aren’t familiar with string art,
the picture is surrounded with nails that have a head.
Then string of any kind is woven back and forth across the picture.
Long, short, up, down
until it’s covered the way you like.

I am SO TAKING this idea and making a project.
It’s gelling in my head and I’ll show you what I come up with.

Remember the art show we had that resulted in the Spoon Lamp?
Here are some pics from the warehouse where it was held.
The youth minister, James Davis, is a VERY talented artist
(and rapper…I’m just sayin) and did graphics all over the building.

Those are just a couple.
He’s curiously talented with a spray can and I suspect there is some of his art 
decorating our city from when he was a teenager…..
He also sells his art here so check him out!

After service was the annual picnic in a local park area.
It had rained Saturday and was overcast Sunday morning so I was a bit worried.
But… turned out beautiful. 
A bit cooler than it had been but really nice.
I’m including a couple pics of my kids.
I’ve never done that much because I don’t want to invade their privacy 
but they said it was fine!
Candy mustaches were popular.
Malcolm is 14 and Jealousy is 15.
Becca is a friend.
Yes, Jealousy is her real name.
She had an opportunity to change it when we adopted her 
but she thinks it’s unusual (it is) and makes her unique!
If we all had THAT confidence!
She’s a straight A student too!
Malcolm liked this photo op….
I wish he could stay this happy.
In another year he probably won’t want to be seen with me!
He plays clarinet in the school band.
Wesley is 10 and always wants to be with the big guys.
He’s getting in a little bball here.
Malcolm enjoyed making giant bubbles.
After several tries, I managed to catch this…
Cheyenne is 16 and really likes kids.
Everytime I let him stop working this is what happens!
He got sunburned on that bare head too.
You’re never too old to jump off a swing!
The sky was the most gorgeous shade of blue on Sunday.

That evening we were supposed to go see my ADORABLE grandson Hunter
in his Easter play. We’re all sitting there waiting when one of the teachers 
comes to get my daughter.
Hunter upchucked all over his shirt.
My daughter (ever hopeful) asks
 “do you think he’ll be OK”
They just stared at her and said
 “well, it wouldn’t be good if he threw up during the program”
She sighed and took him out.
We all went out for pizza and he stuffed himself to the gills.
Never threw up again…
Oh well…….

Here’s what we believe at Forefront Church
How was your Sunday?


  1. What a happy and personal post.

    Your entire family looks like they’re enjoying themselves, together (even the napper, we all need our shut eye now and then!)

    Have a blessed Holy Easter Week!

  2. Wow, you really do have some talent at your church! Yes, I remember string art the first time around and my girls know to never use the “craft” word in my presence. I taught them at an early age that I am not a crafter, I’m an artisan. :@

    Lovely pictures of your very happy and “well rested” family!

  3. I loved this post. Tell Malcolm he has a great smile and he should use it every chance he gets.


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