"C" is for Chair

I had SUCH a productive day yesterday! 
Don’t you just love days when you feel really good about all you’ve accomplished? 
The fire was lit under me when I found out that my little booth/shop had almost completely sold out! Great! 
Uh-oh….more stuff needed AND leaving for Paris on Sunday????
So, I was moving from one project to the next all day….sand, paint….
OK let that dry….cut, glue….
OK let that dry…back to the paint….
and on and on all day! 
But, I turned around and realized that I had a nice little pile of things to take. 
Nothing big….I sold one large piece…that corner hutch but there are still 
3 pieces of furniture so thankfully, I didn’t need to do that too!
I wanted to show you the adorable children’s high chair I remade.
It was black when I found it, perfect. I sanded it back a bit to improve the look.

I wanted to do SOMETHING to it but it took a few days to think of what.
Something French? That would certainly look good on the black.
I wanted to do something related to children 
and didn’t want it to be specifically for a girl or boy.
I finally settled on something with a vintage feel.
I printed some graphics first.
Letters and a clip art chair.
The next decision was color. Not too bright, not too girly.
I settled on green, blue and yellow.

I traced the graphics and painted them in.
I used a black Sharpie to detail the chair.
Now, after all the painting, I was ready to sand some of it off!
{aren’t we artists strange?}
Here it is after distressing
I debated about adding some color on other areas but decided I didn’t want to end up with a folk art look.
Sometimes it’s best to stop when you’re satisfied before you do too much
 and have to do it all over….I’ve been there…have you?
My little “C” is for chair chair
I’ll give this a coat of clear finish when the weather clears up a bit.
That will brighten it up and protect the handpainting a bit.
What do you think?

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  1. It is wonderful! I’ve never seen a chair like that.

  2. So clever and unique!

    Love it, so different!

  3. Very, very cute. Good choice of colors.

  4. Adorable! I can’t resist cute little children’s chairs. Or cute little children’s anything, actually.

  5. What a cute idea. Love it.

  6. oh this chair is adorable Lorraine. Very clever with the sharpie.

  7. I can’t believe what a difference the distressing made. It turned out perfect just as it is. Congratulations on your graduation from Debbiedoo School!

  8. This chair is just adorable! The distressing makes it looks so vintage and fun!

  9. So sweet! I am sure that it will sell so fast you will be in the same predicament again!

    Take care,

  10. This chair is truly adorable! I am sure that someone is very very happy with it as we speak! Thanks for sharing it at JJ’s first linky party — so greatly appreciated! Hope you have tons of fun partying to! sending hugs to and yours!

  11. I think it is a really cute style chair and the way you painted it is fun! Love it!
    Enjoying the Junkin Joe party!

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