Coffee Table Remade

I wanted to show you for the first time, my living room coffee table.
I haven’t shown this project before because I couldn’t locate the before picture. 
I recently did so here it is!
This is before….

I loved it immediately when I found it at Goodwill
because of all the detail on the apron

As you can see, I worked on it right in the living room.
This is way before I had even heard of ASCP or I probably would have used it.
So, this is a different treatment but still as pretty
and much cheaper.
I used primer for the bottom of the table.

Primer has a chalky, flat look, just like gesso.
Gesso is just primer for canvas and you can get very similar results with inexpensive primer.
The method was one of primer, then some sanding, then more primer and more sanding
Until I started to achieve that stripped paint look I wanted.
I made sure that all the details were heavily filled in.
Remember, if a piece of furniture is stripped by hand,
the look I wanted,
then those grooves would have paint left in them.
For the top, I used Rustoleum Heirloom White,
my favorite “cottage” white color.
I painted it solidly and then used a technique I often do.
On a long piece like this, I like to do sanding that gives the impression of
a planked top.
Here’s a closeup…
See the very narrow sanded area?
I take my coarse grit sandpaper and fold it in half.
Then I hold it upright and use the folded edge to sand a line.
Too much pressure and you’ll fold up the paper and lose your edge so just go
back and forth gently staying as straight as you can.
On longer pieces, I have used a metal straightedge to guide me and make sure the line is straight.

I think it adds an authentic touch and gives the impression of age.
Try that technique and see how you like it…you can always paint over it!
Finally, I gave it a light clear coat of matte finish.
It’s one of my favorite pieces.


  1. ooh SO pretty! i love that finish!!!!

  2. Your paint (primer) treatment made the details pop! This is a lovely piece.

  3. Gorgeous…what a find & I’m just loving the finish! Thanks for sharing your tips!! Blessings!

  4. I think it is one of my favorite pieces too! Love the detail on the apron and you are a smarty to make the top look planky! Very ingenious!…Great job!

  5. Love it!

  6. Love, love, love! Thanks so much for sharing at Cowgirl Up! Hope you will join us again next week!
    Amanda @ The Ivy Cottage Blog

  7. I like. Particularly the top.


  8. That turned out amazing!! I paint furniture for my booth and use alot of chalkpaint…I also find a brand of paint at Ace hardware that does awesome!! I am a new follower!!

  9. It’s beautiful! I love the faded finish on it and all the details of the carving. Great job!

  10. This is so gorgeous!

  11. beautiful redo, i love the finish you gave it, it turned out gorgeous!

  12. I love the paint treatment you gave your coffee table. Perfect!
    Mary Alice

  13. Very nice. I love faded finishes.

  14. It looks great!!!!!!!!!

  15. Love it! you did a great job!

  16. I love your finished product. Very cool coffee table. Can’t believe you found it at Goodwill. Fabulous, dahling!

  17. I love it, that looks fabulous! I would love for you to share this (and any other creations) at Pin It and Win It Wednesday @!

  18. This table is just beautiful I love the detail.

    I saw you at Wow us Wednesdays.


  19. I think it is beautiful! FYI when I want to sand a line like that, I fold the sand paper over the edge of a wide paint scraper or drywall spreader. Primer is cheaper than chalk paint, but much harder to work with. Your time is very valuable lady!

  20. Such great ideas! I have often read about using gesso and primer to paint furniture. Your table looks perfectly aged and distressed. I have a similar table and I have been reluctant to paint it. Now, I have the courage to just do it. My puppy chewed on one of the clawed feet..maybe that will add to the authenticity..haha.

  21. Love the technique. I bought a dark wood dining table and 6 chairs {not together, bought at different times and different stores} and painted them all white, which is what I wanted at the time. Seven years and another house, I wanted them dark wood again, and stripped them. Wow, hard work and smelly. But I got a similar look to your coffee table. Next time I hope to do it your way. Thanks for sharing.

  22. This really turned out great…love the look! great job!

  23. Wow! That table turned out fabulous! Definitely looks more vintage now and truly showcases the gorgeous embellishments! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  24. Awesome redo! Just found you on Wow Us Wednesdays and had to come take a closer look! Thanks for sharing. I am now a follower! Blessings ~ Judy


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