Potting Shed

I’m feeling a bit under the weather today….VERY sore throat, achy all over….yuk.
I’m working on a project that should be ready tomorrow but for today 
I thought I’d just give you a short glimpse of the window on the potting shed.
I painted it a couple weeks ago.
I just felt like it……
It doesn’t match the door at all….but it’s around the side so you don’t see them together.
The window box is planted with sedum, creeping charlie, petunias and morning glory
I’ve been lazy about watering it so it’s not as lush as the front boxes.
I have morning glory in all my window boxes because it’s so pretty as it twines all around
These are closed up because it’s so hot
Here is one from the front porch….aren’t they pretty?
 The petunias and the morning glory come back on their own 
every year.
The sedum is an evergreen because nothing looks sadder than a winter flower box all empty.
The shed window is an old leaded glass one we found and installed.
You can see the colors much better from inside.
We hinged it at the top so I can have it open no matter the weather.
Someday I’ll fix it up in here but right now it’s filled with junk or I’d show you more!
You may notice now, if you didn’t before, that it wasn’t on the home tour!
Isn’t it pretty?
You can see a different view of the potting shed here or here

I’m going to go sit down and take a little rest….catch you tomorrow!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Love this! I was happy to see the morning glories- they remind me of my grandmother who loved them so. They grew up the steps to the back porch and they always amazed me as a child.
    Feel better soon!

  3. Get well soon, it is no fun at all being sick in the summertime, yucky.

    Love that window!

    It’s actually cooler tonight, I just watered my potted plants and I loved the cooler breeze, omg it’s been unbearably hot. HATE HOT!

  4. I am no longer content just dreaming of a potting bench. My play house turned garden shed turned junk storage, just doesn’t cut it after admiring yours.


  5. Two of my favorite things. Morning glories (especially Heavenly Blue) and stained glass windows. I’ve made quite a few stained glass windows, and like to use photos of vintage windows as my reference. I love the simple design of your window.

    My morning glories are very slow to get growing this year. I hope to enjoy a few flowers before fall!

  6. Sending you a big piping hot bowl of virtual veggie soup (that’s what us vegetarians send when you don’t fee good : ) Oh Miss F…the POP of blue is amazing! I love the aqua window and the stained glass window is FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS!!!!! I LOVE it…what a gorgeous little building you have there!!!! sending healing hugs!!!!!

  7. I love it! Love that door and entranceway. I think the window looks great. I’m off to look at your other posts about it, as I’d love to see a full view picture. It must look even prettier with the addition of the flowers.

  8. Lorraine, this is just lovely. Windows should never match the door, don’t you know that? Hope you feel better soon. REST!!! you deserve it!

  9. I love that window and the potting shed. You were holding out on us, Lorraine. I never considered planting morning glories in a planter. Genius. You can’t kill those things no matter what you do. P.S. My petunias never make a come back but my fox gloves sure do.

  10. Thanks so much to all! The boxes are looking better now…we’ve had some rain plus I’ve been tryng to not be so LAZY!!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  11. I hope you feel better real soon. What I do see of your shed looks lovely. 🙂
    Visiting you from Fishtail Cottage

  12. oh, i hope you feel better very soon! i love your window in your shed! i always feel that if you love something who cares what others think (unless you ask for their opinion) lol ~ i would love to have a shed like that someday! xoox, tracie

  13. ps – forgot to say thank you for sharing your post over here at Fishtail Cottage! oxox

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