Three Ideas for You

This is a busy couple weeks for me so my posts won’t involve too many big projects.
Last week I worked four full days on a set design for a local church’s
 Women’s Conference….check
It came out quite nice and the director was pleased…check.
Have been busy sending out invitations for the graduation party…check
Have been working on a PTA responsibility which should be done tomorrow…half-check
Chauffeuring kids to various activities…check, check, check
Carting things up to the shop…check
Helping to plan a baby shower scheduled for next weekend…here….check
Planting the half dead plants in their nursery pots that I keep reviving daily…check, check
Cleaning the house for my sister’s visit on Friday…half-check
Racking my brain for a suitable teacher gift from a boy (I do girls better)….no check yet
Conferring with husband about getting the grad into the military,
what grad gift to buy, when to schedule the fumigators for his room…..half check
Planning menus for the grad party….check
Planning menu for family low country boil BEFORE the party…check
Shopping for all the above….no check yet

I’ll stop now…I’m starting to hyperventilate…….

Idea #1

this is a money saving idea for you
I love timers…..I have them ALL over on my accent lamps.
I love having them come on in the evening and go off at night.
I fell in love with them about 20 yrs ago when I started going to college and working.
It was great to come home and have lights on…plus it’s safer!

I recently complained to my husband that my favorite low light bulbs
little round 7 watt bulbs
were burning out and I was always replacing them!!
Happy to share information that he had obviously
been keeping to himself for years
he said “well, that’s because you don’t have them on dimmers”
me “I have them on timers…doesn’t that help?”
him “no, they last WAY longer if they aren’t burning full on”
So, I hightailed it to Lowes….they don’t sell them at Home Depot and bought these
They’re not cheap…maybe $5-7…can’t remember for sure.
But, they last……and this bulb has been burning for 
months every night for about 6 hrs!

On high

On low

 If you REALLY want to be green…this idea saves MORE energy 
and causes
 no environmental hazard 
like those ridiculous mandatory corkscrew bulbs
don’t get me started!

Idea #2
Ok this is not terribly clever
it is my twist on the detergent bottles with the 
wine/oil pourer thingy
 in them so they look pretty on the counter…
you know what I mean……
This is my powdered dish detergent bottle

I went to find an interesting bottle and found this fish bottle in the wine section.
Purely as a sacrificial decorating experience mind you….
I tasted the wine and poured it down the sink immediately
it was that bad.
I love the greeny blue color….
And, it works great for dish detergent.

Plus, if you are teaching your kids to use the dishwasher
this is much easier to pour than the box.
I don’t use the cute little gel packs because they are more expensive
so this might not work for you.
Stick a cork in the top and you’re done….

Idea #3
OK…I think this is an original idea
but I could be wrong (big surprise there).
I did this soon after we moved in the house.
I wanted to do a more mature, teen room for my grandaughters to stay in when they visited.
Now, this is well before the new kids came so I can’t show you more 
well, let’s just say, it’s not exactly picture worthy.

I decorated the room with horizontal bands of color in peachy/orange, lime green and yellow.
Then, I wanted something to span the colors and provide a 
funky accent.
I used a length of copper pipe
and attached it to the wall with pipe straps

So I had this

No , it’s not a grab bar
although when I do enter the room it has come in handy when 
I feel faint

I put a cap on the bottom of the pipe
because I wanted to do this……

Now come on
That’s cute isn’t it?


  1. Sounds like you are one busy lady- check! I love the little copper thing in your daughter’s room. I haven’t seen anything like it so I am betting it IS an original. xo Diana

  2. ROTFL you crack me up !!

    but you have great ideas
    Love the lightbulb tip !

  3. OK….
    #1 – you are way too busy this week.
    #2 – I never heard of those dimmer things
    #3 – that must of been some baaad wine…


  4. Thanks for the after dinner entertainment! I have never seen those type of dimmers before and I will definitely be buying a few for myself. I’m also in the CFL hater club, so I appreciate the info. The fish bottle is adorable, but since I don’t have a dishwasher…yes, you read that correctly, I would add bath salts and place it in the bathroom. Very cute!

  5. You are one very busy lady! Thanks for the giggle.

  6. Really fun post. I never knew there was such a thing as a light dimmer. I love your detergent bottle but I have to admit I switched to the little pods. Love them. :o)

  7. Great tips! I have a fish bottle too! But I have it displayed on top of the kitchen cabinets. I may climb up there and get it down and use it! Don’t remember what the wine tasted like! Fun post!

  8. I think you are on overload. You need a couple days off. I have never heard of those dimmer things either and do not get me started on the cork screw bulbs. Are they serious? Here’s your quote for the day. Keep calm and carry on.

  9. You always make me laugh. If I only have time to read one or two blogs. I always read yours.


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