Cute Garden Ideas

You’re in for a treat today!
As I mentioned previously this is a pretty crazy week and weekend for me
 so the posts have to be quite creative!
Yesterday I gave you 3 ideas and today I’m showing off my youngest daughter!
Shelli and her husband live just one mile from me 
which makes it really nice! 
I get to see my two grandsons often and we go out for evenings with them often.
It’s nice when your kids get older and you can be friends with them 
and do social things together!
Just hang in there…it will happen!
They have a beautiful southern style home
I’ve been helping her work on improving her garden for the last few years. 
Some things were in place when they bought it, but they are adding more.
This very large front flowerbed is packed with daffodils every Spring. 
We found out that some of the neighborhood folks have called it the 
Daffodil House!
I did get one very pretty pic of her hydrangea and gardenia bushes all mixed together.
Shelli doesn’t blog but she looks at blogs and LOVES Pinterest.
This year she’s gone crazy over spray paint.
If it doesn’t move…it gets painted!
Right by the driveway is this sign…..
She has one of these metal family signs, you may have seen them, or have one!
Shelli painted each person to match her family…
even the terrier was featured!
Originally they were all plain brown. 
Did I tell you Shelli LOVES customized things?
One of her favorite colors is turquoise. 
She has a great sense of design and uses color very well.
I’m not sure I would have thought to do this color combination….
It looks fantastic!
She put a flat Rubbermaid lazy susan in the saucer so she could 
rotate the planter easily to catch the sun!
That’s a great idea for you!
Her husband was born and raised in Nawlins (Yankee translation: New Orleans) 
so she put a fleur-de-lis on one side…
She painted the metal decorative bike by the birdhouse….recognize that?
It’s the same one I have….her Daddy built one for her and her sister too! 
Nice Dad!
Isn’t that so cute?
She painted the fence buckets….
One of the cutest things she did was make these
 topsy turvy pot towers…..
I haven’t looked at the Pinterest pictures of these but Shelli says that her
twist is using the whiskey barrels for the base. 
I really like the rustic touch don’t you?
She also saved money by spray painting some of those
inexpensive black nursery pots instead of buying pots! 
If you try this idea, Shelli said that she used a brick in a couple of the pots 
to keep them tilted at the right angle.
As I left, I spotted one of the places she had been spray painting…..
It looks pretty too!
A little work of art!
Hope you enjoyed the mini-tour!
I am planning to show you some more of her cleverness on the inside of the house too!


  1. Your daughter’s garden is just beautiful! First I have to say, the colors of the hydranges are stunning!
    I love her creativity in spray painting everything. The turquoise & red go so well together. The topsy turvy planter is awesome. I think the whisky barrel base is a wonderful touch!

  2. Shelli is SO talented! I love her projects – though I am a green/white/brown/beige/soft pink kinda girl it sure is fun to see colour is other worlds – love her designs and her talented cleverness!

    As for her house – isn’t that Antebellum style, I forget- WOW it is too much, love love love love how shady and porched it is, gorgeous!

    Funny I had just written a comment for Ann on On Sutton Place about the very same thing- when one’s children get old enough that they become actual friends – and the very next thing I read is this post of yours saying same thing. I get you on that, it happens eventually – at least with daughters. I am so glad your Shelli is close, what a difference it makes, huh?


  3. Your daughter’s house is lovely! Love the garden, too. That bike is fantastic. I live about a mile from my daughter, too, and it is great. Just last night she wanted to know if I wanted to take a walk so I headed over there and three generations of us took a neighborhood walk {although my almost 2 year old granddaughter did want to be carried part of the way!}.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mom you are so sweet! The pictures came out nice, you’ll have to email some pictures! Thank you Gina for the sweet complements!! Love ya mom. Shelli

  5. Yes, please! Your daughter’s house is just as gorgeous as yours. And all that creativity! I pinned a photo of polka dot planters, but your daughter’s idea of the lazy susan is great. I even have a wood IKEA lazy susan stashed in the basement……if I can only find it. Thanks for the garden tour.

  6. Great post. I love turquiose and red together. So vintage looking and especially with the polka dots. I have that exact same bike except it still has the original finish on it. Hum, maybe I should paint it? Your daughter is so creative. You are lucky to live so close to her.

  7. What a fun, colorful place your daughter’s home is!

  8. Such cute ideas!! Great post!

  9. Your daughters house and gardens are as beautiful as yours! I love the hydrangea and gardenia TOGETHER!!!! That is amazing. 2 of my FAVE flowers too. Yes, PLEASE show us more. XO, Pinky

  10. Like mother like daughter. Beautiful space! Ask Shellie when we get a house tour of her place too!


  11. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! She does a wonderful job- and yes, it is great when kids become friends, too! Blessings– xo Diana

  12. I wanted to thank all my followers for making so many nice comments about today’s post! My daughter is just tickled pink (or turquoise) and NOW she thinks it’s a great idea to show pictures of the inside too! LOL You won her over! Coming soon….maybe next week…let me get through this weekend first!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  13. Shelli should blog. Seriously. Great home, and ideas. Thanks for the tour.

  14. I love Shelli’s yard! I can’t wait to see the inside! Thanks for the tour! Penny

  15. How neat…what a creative and talented lady. Thank you!

  16. I’m the son-in-law who lives around the corner. If you are gong to live around the corner from your in-laws, you would want them to be Gary and Lorraine. I am very blessed to have married their daughter and have them as the grandparents of my kids. They are talented people who are generous and kind. They are also lots of fun (I went sky diving with my father-in-law in 2008!). Thank you to everyone for commenting on my wife’s work—-it is her hard work that makes our house a home! She is very talented, warm and loving—a loving wife, warm mother, doting daughter, and a great friend–that’s my wife Shelli! Mimi, great blog entry—-kudos.

  17. Your daughter has such fun, whimsical ideas for her flowers and plants. Looks like a happy place!
    Mary Alice

  18. Beautiful home and gardens.
    I specially love the tiered pots, a nice twist.
    Thanks for sharing.

  19. Beautiful gardens. I make tipsy pots too along with pot stackers … perhaps I need to get the paint out 🙂

  20. Oh wow! Your daughter does have an eye for color.


  21. Thank you so much for linking up your post for the rest of us to enjoy at this weeks garden party! Your daughters home is so dreamy to me ~ what fun she must be having decorating it all! Hope you have a fantastic weekend! xoox, tracie

  22. These are all so great!! I love the pots everywhere!

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