A Job Worth Doing Well

Some jobs can be done quickly……like loading the dishwasher
or tossing in a load of laundry…..
Other jobs require more time and attention……painting a room 
or some furniture
in my case…it’s cleaning the garage……
or maybe I should categorize it more as re-thinking the garage
or re-doing the garage……
Yes, I’m still working on it…..
the need for thoughtful re-organization 
is not a speedy thing….

As I’ve unearthed (believe me, that’s a totally appropriate word) things, 
I’ve continued to create in between the re-organization. 
After all, I have a shop and an empty Etsy store (which will be reopened soon) to fill.
I’ve made some of my French Market Baskets (learn how here)

With words and numbers….I love number 5 and number 8….don’t ask why….
I just do…it’s a mystery to me

Made a quick sign on some old wood

I’ve worked on creating some crusty old wire things

Baskets and shelves

I’ve decided that I definitely need a place to work on smaller projects in the garage. Things that might be messy…like gluing, glittering, painting. We found the top to our old farmhouse table that my husband built many years ago. It didn’t fit in this house because we have that round banquette now.

So, when we moved here, it became my sewing table.
Now, it’s my work table…….I hate to get rid of anything my husband makes because it’s always special.

But, making this decision causes another problem….of course….
You can see that the area taken up by the table would hold several pieces of the larger furniture I have
But, my husband really needs me to work in my garage more than in his space.
He’s so good to build things all the time for me that it’s the least I can do…..
Remember, I know how to make him happy…….
I still have a long way to go and I frankly am not sure where some of this will end up

But, in the mean time, I’ll keep moving, shifting, deciding, planning…..
And creating……

Some jobs are just worth doing well and not hurrying……
But, I do wish it was over…….

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  1. “But, in the mean time, I’ll keep moving, shifting, deciding, planning…..

    And creating……”

    and soon hopefully SELLING is another word for you, too….

    Well done, good luck and keep at it! You’re so talented it will be easy once listed I should think!!!!

    ave a fabo weekend!

  2. Have I mean – not sure what ave has to do with it, haha

  3. Is that junk in your garage? Looks like treasure to me!

  4. Oh, please come do my garage! And please bring hydrangeas. 😉

  5. Now I know why I could not find any cool frames yesterday….. you have them all.


  6. You are such a talent my friend!!!! You are really awesome!!! Your creations are incredible and I know you will keep moving and shifting till you have the space that you want perfectly completed so you can CREATE even more wonderful things! LOVE this…sending hugs…i told you about JJ’s party 🙂 if I didn’t shame ON ME!!!!! I was hoping you would stop by : ) sending tons of hugs and love your way!!! : )

  7. I could come over and unload a lot of goodies into my car! Just give me a call.

  8. It’s so easy to get distracted when a big job looms over you, like organizing the garage. I feel your pain!
    Mary Alice

  9. Wish I could help you out with all those goodies!

  10. Well, I can see you and I are on like minded projects. I took a WHOLE TRAILER LOAD of stuff to Goodwill. It was kind of scary to “let go” but I feel freed by it somehow. Good luck- I still have a ton of stuff to go! xo Diana

  11. That garage is a pickers paradise so you should have no trouble selling your great stuff. Just take it one pile at a time one day at a time and have your husband record it so you can create a new reality show… Pickers Paradise.. or How to organize cool vintage stuff…. ( may have to work on that title) lol
    Nana Diana -I have thought a blogger stash swap might be fun. Just thinkin..

  12. Wow. You have some very cool stuff there, Lorraine. Those mirrors are fabulous.

  13. Envy is not pretty.But I do have a little…What I started with in the world of vinatage has sold..and the rest I want to keep….toooo special and some of what I have taken to sell- considering in our family for more generations then anyone of us realize’s,is hard to let go…but some of what you have is amazin…

  14. Iloved that white mirror with the curliques in one of pics of your “stuff”. I have an old vintage quilt we might be able to trade for couple of your things? It’s an idea, think about it. It’s a darker print I bought in KY about 10 yrs.ago.It’s been kept safe and clean. I don’t have a digital camera so can’t send you pic online. I’d have to take a pic to send to you, think quilt for a single bed.
    I noticed you had some awesome wire baskets too. I have been thinking of selling the quilt anyway.
    Let me know if you might be interested.

  15. Man you have a lot of stuff, maybe more than me! Good luck to you. Love the shelf across the filing cabinets idea. Need to get one more filing cabinet and copy you.

  16. What a shame that the gal above who wants to barter for a quilt has “no-reply blogger” in her email address! I wish I could answer you! Please check your “profile” page if you want to get responses to your comments…I answer EVERY ONE….!!

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