Adding Color: Before and After

I have changed my decorating style over the years as I’m sure all of us have.ย 
I have always loved color however.
I remember as a young bride painting my kitchen cabinets yellow….or maybe I should say YELLOW because that’s the kind of YELLOW it was……screaming meemie yellow….this was the 70’s after all….
my mother-in-law almost died……..obviously, in her mind, I was in need of help…..ย 
she’s a woman who, when asked what her favorite color is will say, “earth tones”…..which means
brown……in all it’s various shades…
Needless to say, we are often not on the same decorating page at all.
I’ve been through country….including geese and ducks in my kitchen…..early 80’s
I did stop short at the teddy bear craze….
Traditional….with seafoam green and peach…..the late 80’s….
Southern Living…..lots of deep reds and greens and ruffles ….the 90’s
and now…. what I think is really speaking to my desire for soothing surroundings and peace….Vintage/Shabby/French…..if that’s a style at all…..
A home is a reflection of us and our life. It’s always evolving and changing.
I’ve worked at lightening up my home to make a more neutral background so I can use color more effectively.
Some colors really speak to us…..others don’t…
I’ve never been much of a purple girl except in the garden where purples and pinks are something I always use.
But recently, my husband and I were out and I spotted these two pillows at Home Goods that were on sale….

I really liked them, even though they weren’t my normal color choice.
They’ve been just sitting on the sofa for quite some time but this area was REALLY in need of some color….

It’s a beautiful area but because the TV is behind those doors….I can’t put much on the mantel….

My little collection of shoe forms has been able to stay because it’s low enough…..but it doesn’t do much visually…….

I confess I’m not dedicated enough to move something every evening so we can watch TV……
Cutting hydrangeas to dry the other day inspired me to make a small change and add some color…..

So, the pillows were moved……

A green throw was added…..

And I massed some of the hydrangeas around the shoe forms….

It’s a small change but the pop of color has helped……
I have a feeling these hydrangeas will be gone tonight…..sigh
But for today, I can enjoy the change…….

What do you think?

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    1. Love your new pillows and love the throw and hyds added for cohesiveness.

      Hope you don’t mind my opinion – it is just that and nothing more…..but what I liked better on your before pic was the pillows on the sides. when they’re perched in the middle like that they look a bit too “planned.”

      Definately love your flowers and throw and maybe either try put both new pillows on throw on left and other two older pillows on right, or seperate pillows 2 on either side with one new pillow in each group. ?? Just a gentle suggestion…..

      But I LOVE THEM and you did wonderfully well choosing them- with your awesome white backdrop the splash of vintage-look colour is awesome.


    2. Lorraine, this is stunning. And, boy, could I relate to your “evolving” design taste through the years! Glad to know I’m not the only “fickle” one. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing ….. those hydrangeas are to die for!

    3. So much better, Lorraine. In fact, I love it! The pillows are so pretty & the hydrangeas are beautiful. I think you found the perfect solution.

    4. I LOVE it! Those hydrangeas and the green throw make the scene complete! Reading your blog is like turning the pages of a fun book ~ darling!

    5. I love the pop of color with the new pillows and hydrangeas. It looks perfect. Also, think the scale is better as it fills the space. I enjoyed the trip down memory lane on decorating phases as I have been a participant with many of those trends ( I was married in 1980). I collected sheepand rabbits and had a few woodenhearts. I am now committed to cottage – collected over time look. I figure a cottage really never goes out of style? Thanks for all your blogging support.

    6. Beautiful.
      Soft and inviting color combination.
      Those pillows certainly were the jumping off point for something wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

      Smiles ๐Ÿ™‚

    7. Love this new look, definitely better:):) I will be cutting hydrangeas to dry any day now. I dry buckets full every year as have 10 bushes, and this is the last year, since we are moving….

    8. I smiled to myself as I read your post- I have been through everyone of those color/style phases myself…except your YELLOW was my ORANGE! lol Other than that we are dead on decorating twins…and always just a tad ahead of the craze, right?

      I love your new pillows. I am not so purple-y either but I do like the pillows and I love the hydrangeas there…so pretty. xo Diana

    9. I love the purple. I hate those areas in front of doors etc, where if you decorate you have to move it to use the doors. I love those shoe forms.

    10. I crave color, too. The pillows, throw, and hydrangeas bring so much life into your space!

      *idea. Design (you did say your hubby is an architect, engineer, or something like that, right?) a remote controlled motorized shelf on which you can load all your stuff and with the push of a button, it slides over and out of the way for the boob tube. There you go. :@

    11. Yes better. I like the purple and green, in fact that is the color of my face – green with hydrangea envy.


    12. I’m not a purple person either but boy does this look fabulous with the green. I hope your hydrangeas dry just like they are. Simply beautiful.

    13. Better and I love it, Lorraine! That green is so pretty. I can understand, though, about keeping the mantel somewhat clear if you have to move everything, every time you want to watch television.

    14. Oh – I think it’s GORGEOUS!!!! I’m not a purple girl (though all colors happen in my house) but you are kind of making me re-think that!!!


    15. It is subtle, but I love that space. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much for linking up to our party!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    16. First of all … swoon … I love that area with the hidden tv! (I hide all my TVs in armoires).

      Second, love, love that burst of purple!

      Third, thank you so very much my blogging friend for sharing at our Crazy for Color link party!



    17. I shamefully remember my hunter green and maroon 90’s phase! Tastes change and your style is fabulous! Purple is the color of royalty after all!

      So glad you joined our Color party!

    18. Hi there, Love your hidden TV. If you don’t mind another opion. I think all your pillows mixed together would look great on the bench. IMHO the more pillows the better.
      This is my first visit here and I would love to see more of your lovely home.
      ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

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