Long Distance Help

I have a friend who needs something that I have.
In abundance.
Hydrangeas that is……
She commented on my hydrangea border

And said hers hadn’t done well at all.
She said she was looking for somewhere to buy some so she could dry them.
So, I’m sending her this…

A box of hydrangeas.
It’s a first for me but she says it’s just fine. 
I guess they’ll already be dried by the time they go across the country to her.
While I was out there I took a bunch and put them in the potting shed to dry.

I’m sure I’ll go get some more soon because the extreme heat combined with some fierce thunderstorms will just ruin the blooms.

Most are still fine…
These will dry slowly in the hot air of the shed

 Right by the hydrangeas is a beautiful crape myrtle tree……

The color reminds me of my beloved lilacs…almost impossible to grow here.
We searched for this color in particular because we both loved it…..

They bloom all summer long when everything else starts to falter.

Pretty isn’t it?


  1. Pretty blooms! I can’t get over how well your hydrangeas have done. Amazing!

  2. You are SO kind!

    If you haven’t yet shipped them I HIGHLY suggest going to a shipping store and buying – worth the price – those air puff shipping pillows – and put on bottom, sides and top so your blooms dont move and rattle about in the box. If you use anything else I am afraid it would be too heavy and she’d just get dust by the time it is delivered to her.

    I love your Crepe Myrtle – funny I have 4 lilacs and can’t grow the myrtle…..but you are the luckier of the two b/c lilacs don’t last long and not much grows in the true mid summer heat around here.

    Good luck with your hydrangea!!!!

  3. How generous of you. Laura at Top This, Top That generously offered to send me bulbs when she separates her daylilies. Bloggers make such good friends.

  4. That is so awesome that you are going to send her those flowers! Early in my blogging life someone sent me some alarm clocks they were getting rid of after they saw one of my posts. So sweet! One idea with hydrangeas is in the fall to cut and stuff the blooms in the a flower box or pot and let them fade off into the brown tones through Thanksgiving. I pack them in tight so it is full.

  5. I have to buy dried hydrangeas every year because I can’t grow them in all this heat with no shade. You are a real sweetheart to send her some!
    I do have a backyard full of crepe myrtles, though…the color is fabulous, I agree. I have white, pink and the purple.
    I have hydrangea envy, Lorraine. Yours are so gorgeous.

  6. Oh my ..aren’t you nice 🙂
    you know I LOVE hydrangeas . And I am an hour away from you ..so technically I am LONG DISTANCE too !
    .. hint hint !

  7. Word of advice? Throw a couple of silica packages into the box to reduce moisture building up since some will give off in the box in the heat of shipping? If you don’t have silica, rice and some salt in a coffee filter will do, just tie shut and toss in.

  8. I love your hydrangea border. Annabelle hydrangeas thrive in our MN climate, so I’m slowly adding a new plant every year, and some are even spreading by themselves! I hope someday to have a pretty border like yours.

  9. Those are just gorgeous. I love them too. Wrong girl here for any kind of gardening advise though. Looks like you have some other good thoughts.

  10. I was at a meeting last night and they needed flowers. When asked what was blooming in our yards one lady said sadly “all I’ve got is lots of hydrangeas”. I remained calm while thinking ALLLL you’ve got????


  11. How kind of you to send some hydrangeas. I hope they travel well. I love your crape myrtle – they don’t grow here…..but we do have lilacs. I wish the lilacs lasted longer though– xo Diana

  12. Those hydrangeas are gorgeous. Doesn’t it break your heart when the sun scorches them? Mean hot sun. I’m ready for fall already.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Lucky girl…my hydrangeas did nothing this year…I think it was the 80 degree weather in March and then the frost in April here in Ontario that did them in…

    Cheryl from Ontario

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