I have quite a few windowboxes at my house.
Some are “railingboxes” I guess because they aren’t on windows but if you ask for railingboxes at the garden shop I’m sure they’d think you were a bit odd…..
We had our house profiled on a blog a few months ago but the windowboxes were just planted so they were kind of measly.
I thought you’d like to see how they filled out.
The front boxes have become really bad with the heat but the boxes in the back of the house that have a bit more shade are really pretty….

These run along the railing and also under the breakfast area.

This is the box under the kitchen window above my sink….
I love looking at this everyday!
I keep them pretty simple with variegated vinca, sedum and impatiens.

The sedum gives me green all year round as long as I remember to put some water on them in the winter!
Also, the sedum is out nice and full early on and stays a nice, rich green all summer.

I love how the vinca hangs down…I just chop it off whenever I want it to branch a bit or it gets too long.That also comes back each year. 
If you have any windowboxes, I don’t need to tell you how expensive they can be to fill.
Keeping lots of green plants with just the addition of the impatiens really saves money while still looking pretty!

Even though these boxes are on the back of the house,
 I see them the most because they are in the areas I frequent.

Do you like that curved roof my husband built? 
We copied it from an old house we saw and loved.

Do you like windowboxes? Do you have any?

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  1. It is beautiful! I have never had luck with potted plants… you must have quite the green thumb!

  2. LOVE your windowboxes and that curved roof your DH made? WOW he is very talented – it looks amazing and looks like it has always been there.

    Well done on both, you have a truly lovely home!

  3. Your window boxes are fabulous! Love them, but don’t have any!

  4. I love window boxes, I should have more but I’d just kill the plants. And yes, I like the round porch, I want it.


  5. Yes, I have window boxes and “railing boxes” too around the deck. My plants have suffered this year with all the heat. And we did water them. I do like the curved roof – very charming!

  6. Love your window boxes, very pretty. I am having trouble keeping my pots alive this year, just been too hot. Love the curved roof over your door. Thanks for sharing your windowboxes, thats an idea, don’t have to have them under your windows. Vicky

  7. Your window boxes are beautiful. They add a great decorative touch to windows and railings. You’ve managed to keep your flowers very lush this summer.
    Mary Alice

  8. I am crazy about windowboxes. I have one outside my kitchen window that I get to enjoy daily. I have taken pictures of inspiration windowboxes on every vacation we take. My favorites are from Charleston and Cape Cod and I have been wanting to do a post on them! Yours are just beautiful- they are not always easy to maintain given the heat we have struggled with this year. Love the curved roof also. What talent!

  9. Great window boxes. I love the look they give to a house or cottage. Perfect.

  10. I think your railing boxes (hehehe) look great!

  11. Your house is just so charming! And yes, I love the curved little roof over your door. Those little touches add so much to your home’s curb appeal.

  12. Window boxes are so pretty. I love yours and your home is wonderful. I love impatients. One of my favorite flowers in summer.

  13. I have recently found you through Gail’s Decorative Touch. Will be a follower after commenting (afraid I would forget what I wanted to say). Ha Ha
    Anyway, I LOVE your husbands craftmanship on the curved roof. Looks very beautiful and natural. The flower boxes are heavenly! We are debating on adding some to the deck next spring. You have certainly made up our minds to do it. I also have to add that your cedar siding is a dream to look at also. Very excited to watch your posts. Take care.

  14. I love window boxed…mine are all dead and shriveled up. I had to cut everything down and will be starting over come Fall. Just too hot here and I stink at gardening.

  15. I love your window/railing boxes! I have three of them at my home. Two of them are over 6 feet long and all three are on the second story of the house. I lean out of the windows to water them generally in my nightgown and very early in the morning so that there are no car accidents in front of the house and no one is scarred for life from seeing it 😉 xo, Kimberly

  16. Lorraine oh so beautiful! I need some window boxes. Thanx for coming to the party!

  17. Oh my gosh! I love your house, Lorraine! Knowing the area you live in, it reminds me more of the homes of the up north states, rather than coastal south. Shaker… LOVE! And your window boxes are gorgeous! Have a slice of that yummy pizza for me, will ya? 😉 Now following… Took me long enough, huh? 🙂

  18. Beautifil windowboxes! They add such charm!


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