Using MMS Milk Paint

I have a confession to make.
Even though I am a VENDOR for MMS Milk Paint, I’ve been slow to get busy using it…..
It’s embarrassing!
Anyway, I actually have begun breaking out some of the stock so I can use it myself.
Today I finished a wall hutch….which I want to keep….
I AM having a sale this weekend here at the house and I just can’t keep everything…..
Not that I’ll cry big tears if it doesn’t sell….I love how it turned out…..

I will tell you that the absolute BEST thing I love about this paint is the chippy finish I can attain.
Most of the time the really great chippy stuff is too far out of my price range or it’s just so dilapidated that it won’t fit in with my style. I like the prim look but I only go so far in this house.

This paint lets me get the look I so love without the rotted wood…I consider that a GOOD thing.

I did use it once before you’ll remember…on this….and I was really happy with the result.
This time I did something different, so here’s the back story.

I have a love/hate relationship with crackle. I never seem to get that video instructional look. The instructions say, “apply evenly before the final coat of paint…wait until it feels tacky and then apply the final coat.” Sounds moronically simple to me but I never seem to do it right. I know what tacky feels like….I even know what tacky looks like and I could show you some pictures that would curl your hair….but that’s another post…….

This time, I thought I’d try MMS Crackle because it would be a GOOD thing if I knew what I was talking about when I’m selling it myself!! sheesh….

So, I coated it first with MMS Shutter Grey, let it dry and then painted on the crackle.
Now, here’s the annoying part. Unless you are an amazing painter who works at lightening speed, the crackle is not going to be drying the same all over. Anywhere tucked inside…like the back wall or the corners….will not be (that dreaded word) tacky when, for example, the sides are tacky. So, for the next half hour, while I worked on other things, I kept going over to touch various spots to see if it was “tacky”. Suffice it to say that I painted the parts I thought were tacky and waited for the rest to achieve that mysterious condition.

I left it overnight and came out to find……almost nothing…as usual…..
Oh, a couple small areas were “crackling” but nothing like what I hoped.
So, I took out the scraper and went for a chippy look.
I’m not a quitter….I’ll try it again….this time while the crackle is more wet. If you have any words of wisdom, I’m happy to listen.

So, back to the cabinet. After some vigorous scraping…..remember, it doesn’t chip quite as easily with that previous coat of paint underneath…….I was really getting pleased with the results!

I was getting some nice chippiness and you could see both the grey and the brown original finish.

I added a bit of the antiquing wax to the wood areas and then finished off with a nice coat of the furniture wax…which smells sort of spicy by the way….nice…

I don’t have it hanging here in the pics because it’s going on sale this weekend at my home show, but I think you can still get an idea of how nice it came out!

I left the back walls grey and the ironstone really shows well against that don’t you think?

Maybe I’ll get to keep it! Just don’t tell my husband.
The point of this is to SELL OFF this stuff….sigh…….

Remember, you can order MMS paint using the Storenvy button at the top of the page! Use the “colors” link in the header to see all the shades on actual pieces of furniture.

Here’s a few of the pics…..



  1. That turned out beautiful!I bought some MMS paint and I am ready to start painting!

  2. Your project looks GREAT!

    I can definately appreciate why you may have a difficult time letting that piece go, wow – very well done!

  3. Well, I have had some success with crackle but it’s been a long time since I used any – so I have no advice! I do have a question about the milk paint. Have you heard anything about the results when you paint over a painted surface? Is it only meant for use on clean wood? The shelf looks great by the way!

  4. Beautiful hutch…I so love the way it turned out…I have not tried that paint yet…anxious to try it as I see so many great results!…

  5. The hutch came out great. Crackle is a tough one to achieve, so keep at it so we can benefit from your knowlege and experimentation.

  6. What color is the topcoat over the shutter gray?

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