Well!! After a VERY LONG hiatus I am back on the blog!! It feels SO GOOD!  Some was my fault....marriages, births, deaths, nervous breakdown....OK, maybe that last one is a BIT of an exaggeration! Just when I thought I would post again....a blog glitch that I couldn't solve and one that I kept saying "I'll get to that later...."....with … [Read more...]

Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint Classes

Milk Paint classes are in full swing at my newest venue....The Rusty Cottage at 617 Jack Rabbit Rd here in Virginia Beach! The area there is much larger than the space in my own little booth at Barrett St Antique Mall so we are able to paint some much larger items! Like this step-stool we did on Thursday evening:   Everyone … [Read more...]

Milk Painted Wine Crate

All you folks who live in the great areas where you have to pick through fantastic junk just to decide WHICH piece to keep......I am blowing raspberries at you! Around here it is a real hunt to find anything even remotely cool...junkwise. I was VERY surprised to see this on the shelf at Goodwill.......a wine crate....and WHAT a year!! 2009!!! … [Read more...]

Creating A Guest Room: Gray and Coral

When I came back from my little vacation and did my first post, I told you a few things I had been up to. One of the items on the list was creating a guest room from my old studio. My sweet sister was coming for a visit and I was determined that she would not have to sleep on the trundle bed in my daughter's room. I wanted her to have a … [Read more...]

Kitchen Table Makeover with Fusion Mineral Paint

I mentioned previously that I would be soon carrying a new line of paint called Fusion Mineral Paint. You can read more about it HERE. They have a full line of products that I cannot wait to try! Gilding Paste, Tinting Kits, Sand Stone finish, Pearl Embossing Paste, Tough Coat (a clear, water based topcoat!) and so much more! I can't wait to get … [Read more...]

Milk Paint: Beachy Nautical Chest

Sharing another piece of furniture I finished during my extended vacation! I had this chest on chest in my laundry room for months....doing absolutely nothing...just sitting there. I mean, it was piled with stuff but the drawers were empty and I banged my shin on it frequently. I decided it was time for this thing to go! It was in … [Read more...]

Milk Paint: Dandelion Chest

I promised I would catch you up so I'll start back in the Spring with this antique chest I transformed using Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.   I used Mustard Seed Yellow and added some Ironstone to make it a bit softer. I used Ironstone to hand paint the dandelion stencil...just free hand! It started out looking … [Read more...]

New Book From Miss Mustard Seed

I hope you have a seat belt on your chair! It's been awhile....hasn't it? I've missed you.....hopefully you missed me just a little too! I will explain shortly, but first, the purpose of this particular this particular time. Miss Mustard Seed has a new Look Book!! Isn't she just the cutest … [Read more...]