Crusty Paint Finish Tutorial

Every now and then, I’ll stumble across a real prize at the thrift store.
A couple months ago, I came across this wall candelabra.

It had this icky, antique gold finish.

But lots of details that I knew would look great once I was finished.

I decided to use my crusty paint mixture…..

I use white latex primer to start. You can use a color too…but I like the vintage white look especially. If you use something else, you may want to thin it a bit with water first. The grout needs liquid to bind with and primer is more thin than colored latex paint.
Then I add unsanded tile grout until I have a nice, thick mixture. I mix it in a small paper cup, like the small bathroom cups. It will continue to thicken up over time so I always toss the whole cup and never save it. Just mix a bit more if you need to. If it thickens too quickly or you have to stop for a bit, just aadd some water to get it back to the consistency you like. It should look like thick pudding, or pancake batter.

Just glop it on all over.
It’s best to work outside or over something you can bundle up and toss out…like brown paper.
I do 2 coats…the second coat will stick better.
Then, when it’s completely dry….I recommend leaving it overnight, I use my dry hands and rub off wherever it is loose. This exposes some of the underneath color. If too much comes off, then paint it again and repeat the process until it’s the way you want. If you absolutely don’t want to see any of the original color, then give it a coat of paint first in whatever color you DO want to see.

I then used some dark wax to age it more.

I love how it turned out! It looks great in the new dining room!

I added some fresh greenery to the candle sconce today. I love it against the wallpaper I finished earlier this year. I’m loving my new dining room makeover this Christmas.

I also added some magnolia garland around the leaded window.

I’m nowhere near done decorating but the Mantel party week is coming up so you’ll see more later!!

I hope you join up in our Linky Party with something you’ve painted for the holidays!

This week is Hand Painted Christmas hosted by Shelly! Just click the link and you’re there!!

See you at the party!!!
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  1. This is gorgeous! I am making a note of how you did this. Your dining room is so pretty. You must be thrilled with it.

  2. It looks gorgeous. Love how your room looks! Danielle x

  3. Looks absolutely fabulous!

    You know you may want to find those fickering faux taper candles I have been seeing out there – they give you the look w/o the worry so close to the boughs and the wall.

    Well done!!

  4. I love this. It is amazing with the greenery in it! Gosh, so many things to make and so little time…

  5. I love the effect. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  6. So beautiful, Lorraine…I love what you did with it!

  7. WOW, your redesign turned out beautiful. I love it and the way it looks with the wall paper behind it. The greens add so much for the season. Thank you for sharing.
    Yes, I agree with another comment, faux flicker candles would be awesome.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. I have so enjoyed my visit here and now a new follower.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  8. So elegant, love the technique you’ve used! Looks gorgeous in your dining room!

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