A Horse Of A Different Color

Of course you’ve heard by now
if you’re ANYBODY that is….
the color of the year from Pantone is Emerald.

For a minute, let’s ponder this Pantone thing.
I mean, this COULD be a think tank of mahvelus decorators all sitting around saying things like

“what a simply DIVINE color”
“this color just SPEAKS to me”

I didn’t think of these things myself, I stole them from one of my favorite shows “Million Dollar Decorators”…
where everyone, especially Martin, simply GUSHES all over the place 
with statements like this. 
Regular people don’t talk like this. 
When was the last time your hardware guy said your can of spray paint was a DIVINE color….and that it SPOKE to him…? 

So “PANTONE SAYS” suddenly becomes THE thing swirling around blogdom.
Pinterest boards are formed immediately
Bloggers start pondering how to transform their French foyer 
(which they JUST finished mind you) 
into an EMERALD paradise.

But…and I mean a big BUT (with one T, we’re not talking about ME here)
What if…..Pantone is really a place like GAP, or APPLE or Anthropologie…
I mean, what if it’s a bunch of twentysomething guys and gals sitting around in torn jeans and T-shirts
with skateboards under their desks
and tats all over
and piercings the size of Mason jar lids
and a little ‘you -know-what’ in the ashtray
throwing darts at a big board and counting up how many land on a particular color
and then laughing themselves silly as they watch boutiques and online shops and magazines and bloggers
transforming themselves to try and keep up with the RIGHT color?
Huh? What if? What would you think then?

They’ve done it before you know…..I was totally unaware of what a nerd I was all these years because I just found out about this IMPORTANT info last year….

I liked this one…..it worked out just perfectly in the Fall with all those pumpkins. If you squinted, the orange pumpkins looked sort of Tangerine….

I liked this one too….once again, Fall decor fit right in….think SQUASH here… even though it’s called Mimosa…although Mimosas are quite nice to drink and it’s the right color for that.

I wasn’t too sure about this one…..I did have a pink honeysuckle vine before but that wasn’t the first name I would have thought of for this.

I figured I could ponder a bit myself as to how, exactly, I could work this color into my life…aside from just going outside to enjoy my garden that is.

I’m pretty sure…make that absolutely sure that I will NOT be painting any of my rooms like this.
And, if I walked out in that total green suit there would be plenty of snarky comments…”found that pot of gold yet?” 
The chandelier isn’t bad….

OK now…things are looking up…..I’ll take THAT guy…

Green coat….no
containers of laundry detergent….that works
I won’t even comment on the guy in the green pants…..

OK now….something I can really get into!! 
I can wear this when I go to the store early in the morning for milk….it will make a great impression……

Alright….I guess I’m fine with some Emerald green…
It will come in quite handy on St Patrick’s Day at least….

Are YOU ready for Emerald green?


  1. Emerald is my birthstone and I’ve never liked it. Not really a color I’m drawn to (to be honest).

  2. Lorraine, you’re making me laugh! This post is hilarious. No, I don’t really care much for emerald green, but i would wear that sparkly green dress to pick up my Oscar. Orange, I like…but on my toenails and in rose gardens. I prefer a softer coral. Not a fan of Honeysuckle weird pink or Mimosa gag yellow. You’re right…those dudes are smoking the funny cigarettes.

  3. Emerald green is great for St. Patrick’s Day, but I can’t think of too many more uses for it unless, of course, we all remember the day of dark green carpeting. Was that emerald or forest?

  4. I missed the boat on tangerine, mimosa and honeysuckle and I the ship’s leaving without me again with emerald.


  5. My grandmother was ready for it in the 1970’s. Emerald green was the color of the year in Pompano Beach and her whole condo was just that color- xo Diana

  6. No, not me! There are some gorgeous greens but I honestly don’t have much in my space. I don’t do pink, love certain shades of orange and yellow though. Don’t you wonder who these people are that determine “THE” color of the year???

    Thanks for the laughs ~

  7. Sandra Morris says:

    I’m not really a fan of Emerald though I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous movie celebrities rocking those sparkles! I’ve also seen a nice set of Emerald Indian bindi collection and they are quite nice, just not for my liking.

  8. My mom loves green so maybe she will be lucky this year! And I guess it would be easy to buy gifts for her.

    Bethany Morrison

  9. NO!!!
    But I would take the ring :^)
    Great post!!

  10. I LOVE your sense of humor.

  11. I LOVE your sense of humor.

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