Great Posts from 2012

I’ve taken a nice break from blogging since Christmas!
It’s been nice to not have the pressure of posting, but I’ve missed everyone!!
I’ve been reading some blogs but not many so that will be nice to do again as well!

I don’t know about you, but I still have trouble with people falling off my blogroll now and again!
So irritating!

I thought I’d start out the New Year just like everyone else….with some favorite posts!
Some of these are based on popularity, some are just personal favorites that I thought could use a re-run!

I have to say, when I look through the posts, I’ve done a LOT of projects over the past year!

My all time most viewed tutorial has to be the lamp made from
¬†plastic spoons….


I made them for an art show at my church and they are still hanging there…minus a spoon or two….

I really loved doing this dresser out of broken china too!
I am still so surprised it never sold! I think I need to paint it….I’d love your suggestions in that area!


I enjoyed participating in Debbiedoo’s Magazine Copycat Challenge several times as well! They are such fun!
I made an apron….


I made a “Ballard” vase


And a life ring


Very early in 2012, I shared some pics of the wonderful cabinets my husband built for our kitchen. I love to have things organized…don’t you?

I actually like these kinds of posts because they gather the best all together so you don’t have to go searching….because you don’t even know what you’re searching for anyway!

Would you like to see more?
I’ll share some other Best of 2012 with you next time!
Hope you come back to see me!
I’ve missed you!

Don’t forget to tell me what color I should paint the mosaic chest…..


  1. Glad to see you back! How about the new color of the year…emerald?

  2. Lorraine, I just love your DIY pendant lamp with spoons! Genius! xo Kristin

  3. Great projects, Lorraine! I copycatted your jeans apron. Glad to see you back! : )

    P.S. Heard from Maggie you will be at Haven. Hoping to meet you!

  4. The spoon pendant was genius and those cabinets…do you rent him out???

  5. Fantastic projects! Love them all x

  6. The cabinet is beautiful!! Break is well deserved, get refreshed!

  7. First off, I can’t believe that mosaic chest hasn’t sold! It’s adorable the way it is. Secondly, I am in cabinet love with your the one your husband built. That is spectacular. I still love that life raft. That was another of your genius ideas. You’ve done some great posts.

  8. paint it aqua!

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