Shades of Blue

What inspires you?
What color just makes you happy?

I am inspired by many things but a big inspiration for me is color…
I love shades of blue….always have..
robin’s egg

and almost any combination of those colors
that will make me go “aahhh…”

I even have a Pinterest Board that is titled “Shades of Blue”……
I don’t have one for yellow, or orange, or brown or purple

just blue….

source unknown
But what could be more simple, yet stunning than this mixture of bottles in shades of blue ranging from almost green to almost clear?
With a couple brown bottles thrown in for good measure, this is one of my favorite pictures from my inspiration file….

I mentioned that I am returning my kitchen to white 
and covering the pretty, aqua walls……

my husband is not happy (who knew?) 

apparently, he loves the kitchen the way it is!

But, I am in there so much more than he is and I want to have my various collections able to be highlighted more, so white it will be……
until I yearn for some blue again, I guess!

This aqua blue paint below is not the actual color I used but very close….
just wanted you to see it.

Don’t you want to walk through this gate… matter where it goes?
That’s the power of blue!
We are drawn to colors of nature 

shades of blues
shades of greens
shades of browns

because we are surrounded by these shades
sky, sea, forest

Designers will tell you that these nature shades are the most soothing,
which is why they are found so often in bedrooms.

Is there anything that wouldn’t look good in one of these pots?


I paint furniture.
I tend to do either white or cream or gray.

not because I don’t enjoy other colors, but it seems simple sells best

I did a lovely blue wall hutch this past year 
and haven’t even put it up for sale yet 
because I love it so much!

Some business person I am!!

I’ve been collecting these blue mason jars too. 
I just bought another one on Saturday…with a nice rusty clip top!

It seems I just can’t get enough blue!

Do you have a favorite color that you are just drawn to?


  1. Blue has always been “my color”… Love all your pics… My castle door is always open @ “my royal castle”! Tiff

  2. I am a blue lover too! I’d paint everything blue if I had the chance. Your hutch it is beautiful. I wouldn’t be able to part with that either!

  3. Love those distressed pots. Certain shades of blue are so calming. I can see why you love the little hutch.

  4. I like blue, and have none in my house. Hmmmmm.

    Don’t forget before and after kitchen shots.


  5. I am totally into the aquas now although I agree the neutrals sell the best, but I’m determined to get some blues in there somewhere. Love those blue jars. That is quite a collection.

  6. Various shades of blue and or turquoise are my go to colors. After I moved from Colorado to Arizona, it was time for a change. A change of scenery and climate can do wonders. Love this post!

  7. My mother is a blue person. My color is RED, I have to have it somewhere in the house.

  8. Green. and red. and black. and white. and blue.

  9. Alas, my color is red…in the house, on my body, sweet hubby’s truck….yep, we are bright and shining!! I can admire your blues, and think they are beautiful for your home, but when I go to my home….I wanna’ see red!!
    I have antique white walls, so the reds work out quite well!
    Thanks for asking AND for showing me your lovely blues!

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