I’m A Shameless Copycat

How did we survive before Pinterest?
Or Facebook?
Or Tumblr?
Or photo editing?
Or blogs?
Or…… insert your favorite site here….

Seriously….one beautiful picture, vignette, party, arrangement, design, etc, etc, etc…….after another!

It’s overwhelming to me….I don’t know about you….

I tell myself I’m going to sit down and look at Pinterest (for example) and within two or three pictures, I’m so agitated and anxious to get Aunt Martha’s (whatever) out of the attic and turn it into a gorgeous front door decoration or tablescape or towel holder or ribbon dispenser!!!!!

I’m in design overload most of the time!

I recently posted here about my all time favorite color, blue, in ALL it’s permutations…from barely icy to full blown cobalt; from palest bluish green to vibrant head throbbing turquoise.

One of the pictures was from Pinterest (source unknown) and I loved it……

I decided I could replicate it if I could find enough bottles…..
I gathered anything glass that was blue……

And put them in a box……
Conveniently, there were some Christmas light strings still around so I added those…..my living room is a bit dark…..

I added in some clear glass too when I realized how pitiful my blue glass collection was…..

Eventually….after scouring closets and drawers….I had enough….

Not exactly the same….but close enough for me…..



And it looks quite pretty at night…….


  1. Beautiful!

  2. This is lovely, and I have no idea how we managed without those sites!

    The lights are a gorgeous addition

  3. I love your take on it, Lorraine. I think the lighting makes it better than the original….just my humble opinion, of course! Have a great Saturday- xo Diana

  4. It is beautiful and just as pretty as the Pinterest image. Pinterest does put me in total overload as well, and I confess I am addicted to it.

  5. How lovely that is! I have a lot of blue canning jars and bottles I could use, thanks for sharing and I’m pinning this:)

  6. Very nice copy, Lorraine. I actually like yours better.

  7. I love it! Blue is my theme for the “cottage on the busy corner” … and this is lovely… can I copy? *giggle* Hope you will pop over and see me sometime. xx

  8. And then before you know it some body is copying YOU!


  9. Really pretty!!
    I just don’t have the time to spend on Pinterest and all those other sites….. Maybe someday when I can retire…


  10. LOVE IT!!!! it is wonderful! : ) you are amazing!!! hugs….

  11. I love the glow and color! So pretty!

  12. I like your version better…it seems so much warmer!

  13. Pretty pretty pretty. I think I will copy you now.

  14. Beautiful….now can I copycat you???? Do I need to put a sign on my dining table beside my box that says “Miss Flibbertigibbet”?? My family will think I am talking about myself :^)
    Thank you for a beautiful idea for which I already have the components!! (my sweet husband will thank you too….no trip to the store involved :^)

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