Ombre Coffee Filter Heart

Today Lori has a project for you!

There are lots of coffee filter projects out there but his heart is especially pretty because of the coloration she achieved.
Plus, it’s HUGE…2ft x 2ft  !

I’m going to give you a brief tutorial and you can pop over to her blog, 
Chatty Cathy for the full method.

It looks like carnations doesn’t it?

Fold a coffee filter in half and then half again…don’t crease! Make a circle with your fingers on one hand and pull the folded coffee filter through the circle to shape it. Set aside and repeat with all the coffee filters. 
Lori used 400 (!) and that is one thing that makes it so pretty, I think…
Lori said that, at this point, you could staple the point of each filter, as I did when I made the Paper Lace Wreath
It might make them easier to glue to the backer. 

Lori used watered down acrylic paint to dye the filters. Simply choose the colors you would like and mix each color up in a small bowl. You don’t need much and you can always make a bit more.

Dip the tip of the filter in the color…..

You’ll see the filter start to draw the color up. You need only the first inch or so to be colored, especially if you are packing them tightly.

Set them aside to dry. Lori sped the drying up by putting them in a warm oven. 

You can see that the color doesn’t draw up perfectly evenly, which is good.

Once you are ready to assemble, cut a corrugated cardboard backer to the shape and size you desire. Lori used a really large heart, 2 ft x 2 ft.
Then, simply start hot gluing them onto the backer board.

Packing them nice and tightly really makes them look more like carnations. Vary the colors around and try not to be too methodical. 

I think it’s really stunning!

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Hi Lorriane, Lori’s heart is amazing. What a fabulous process. I have used coffee filters in many ways, but this is so unique. The ideas for color is endless. Thank you for sharing.

    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  2. I’ll bet the coffee filter manufacturers are doing cartwheels about how we are using this little piece of tissue for our craft projects! Lori’s heart is delicious!

  3. So gorgeous! I wondered how they dyed those coffee filters to look so varigated. This is a stunning piece of Valentine’s Day decor.

  4. So sweet! I can’t decide if I want to delve into the coffee filter art genre….The painted tips tempt me…

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