Olive The Other People Have Them…Why Not Me?

This has certainly been a stressful couple of weeks!
I found out I was hosting Easter so had to remove some of the Christmas decor early and start decorating for Spring!

I had to share all my secrets of junk/crap Treasure hoarding aging!

And had a near death Heat Transfer experience!

Thank goodness I had something to fall back on…other than wine that is….

Of course, this could be considered a wine go-with I suppose…..

Because if what it originally was used for….
Other than holding Quince branches that is…..

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style has a nice bucket….
I’m sure her husband likes her bucket but I am referring to THIS kind of bucket….

She’s always showing off her bucket…flinging her bucket ownership in my face…
Her bucket goes everywhere! 
In the kitchen, on the porch, in the family room….yada yada yada…..

Believe me…I have EVERY INTENTION of moving MY bucket around too…..

I’m no shirker when it comes to competition!

Right now it’s on the breakfast table but NOT FOR LONG! HA!
No longer do I have to stare longingly at Kim’s bucket……
No siree……

Oh, and Kim….just so you know….
Which means I can move my buckets TWICE as much!

Don’t you love that quince? Here’s my secret….Target…on sale…..


  1. now I’ve got bucket love.

  2. You are too funny. Hey you have one more than me. Target? Who knew?

  3. I was laughing the whole time I was reading this. Great bucket, I love all 3 of them.


  4. Funny! Thanks for the smile.

  5. Oh I love that bucket!!! and you’ve styled it beautifully.

    Thanks so much for your comment on my post – hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

  6. You are so sassy this week! I’m loving it.
    You bucket(s) are wonderful, Lorraine.

  7. LOL- Well, I guess you showed that Kim a thing or TWO! Your bucket(s) look great all smartened up with quince branches. I hope you have lots of fun showing your bucket all over blog land.
    My Dad had a joke he used to snort and say- “Mrs. Jones bought herself a bicycle-now she can pedal IT all over town”. I never got it until I was grown up. I hadn’t thought about that in years until something about this post reminded me of it- musta been Kim’s bucket! xo Diana

  8. Sounds like there is an exclusive bucket club and that the originators are bucket movers and shakers. I have no olive bucket, and any bucket that I do have are dented and not worth any bucket envy. And my bucket doesn’t move but Lord does it shake.


  9. Dido and Nancy Carr…you are both no-reply (believe me, I feel your pain…it’s happening to me too) But I wanted to Thank You for stopping by!
    Dido, you asked it the transfer would work with a heat gun….I doubt it…direct heat is needed to loosen the powder/ink from the paper.

  10. Those are fabulous buckets you have there. Great for decorating.

  11. I’m loving the detail of the bucket. (And the friendly bucket placement competition…) Of course, it will be quite difficult to beat your TWIN buckets!

  12. I don’t have an olive bucket either. Man, I’m missing out. That’s beautiful. At least if I don’t have one, I don’t have to compete and heaven knows if I did have one, I’d want to move mine around too! Oh, and Lorraine, you are coming up as a no-reply blogger at my site.

  13. I’m glad that you FINALLY got your own bucket now. LOL! I have one too and just recently moved it to my foyer. It was in my kitchen holding dough bowls and now it is holding lavender. You’re lucky to have 2!! Just rub it in our face, why don’t ya? Just teasing. Love the quince you added to yours.

  14. I adore this bucket! I wish I had a quince tree to cut some branches from but I am inspired and I’ll find something in my yard to use. Gotta love Target on Sale!
    Great find!
    Ashley Rane Sparks

  15. Funny stuff…olive bucket envy…who knew we would all want something old and rusty like an olive bucket? Oh yeah, I want one too, lol

  16. You know, I love these buckets. But I think I love that quince more. Silly me, I thought you had some real quince!

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