Christmas is Over?

I love Christmas and I can’t seem to let it go for some sick reason…
There are things lying around everywhere that never made it to the attic.
Suddenly it’s March…..what happened?

The other day I found that I was going to be hosting Easter instead of going to my daughter’s.
She’s battled pneumonia and is also training for a half-marathon and is just a bit tired what with two busy boys and a house to care for.
So, in a FIT of generosity, I said “honey, why don’t you let me host Easter?”
She was very happy and I am glad I could do that for her.

I IMMEDIATELY got off the phone and took down the sled that was hanging next to the front door and deposited it in the dining room with the other Christmas leftovers.

Hey, I’m not one to let grass grow under MY feet…no sireee!

Don’t worry…in a spurt of energy right after New Year’s day, I had removed the greenery, bells and burlap ribbon. So it was JUST THE SLED hanging there…….lovely.

I decided I’d better at least make a start at changing over to Spring before it was too late……HA
I’ve seen all your pictures with your bunnies and eggs and mantels and pennant banners…..
I can do this….

I climbed into the attic and found my Spring wreath from a couple years ago…..and hung that on the door….

I had every intention of making something new for the door but this was an emergency…..
You may remember that this door used to be a pretty Provence blue….you can see it before here

I moved the blue bottle arrangement from the living room to the top of a kitchen cabinet…..

The light catches them nicely there and it was a change at least…right?

Next I added an urn with some forsythia (faux) to the top of this old armoire that is in the living room waiting to be painted…someday…

I love this armoire….it needs some work but it will be great ….someday…

This is my favorite urn too…it’s resin but the color and curves are just great. I just move it around and use it all the time…

I looked around for one more thing to do because I needed to get to the garage and get working…
I decided to bring down my blue and white porcelain and put it on the sideboard across the room.

It’s not a big collection but I haven’t looked for any for years. I collected all this about 10 yrs ago when TJMaxx seemed to keep getting it in. Isn’t that interesting how they will have a flood of something and then never again? That’s why I buy something I am looking for when I see it if possible because I may not ever see it again.

I liked the freshness of the blue and white. I need to change the lampshades I think but I have to find the two white shades I own first…..sigh….
I could make some new shades….some color might be nice…just what I need 

 a new project
(someone stop me…please)

During that blue and white spree at TJMaxx, I was able to snag a Spode vase, which is my favorite. They had other larger vases but I couldn’t afford them at the time….

It’s a start! Let’s see…I have 21 days…….
piece of cake…..


  1. Okay I am guilty I still have my sled and ….Christmas wreath on my door.I better take that off today.Easter is early this year it is throwing me off a bit.With snow still on the ground it does not feel like spring.

  2. LOL, I probably shouldn’t admit this but, I have a tree up in the basement family room still…YIKES! I am seriously coveting your blue & white collection. So gorgeous! I am always on the hunt for peices to add. Oh, and I am also in love with your doorway. Your house has such beautiful design elements. Have a great weekend! xo Kristin

  3. and I can’t spell…pieces

  4. Lorraine – It looks like you made a nice transition from Christmas to Spring to me! I love your blue and white collection-it is fresh looking and lovely- Blessings to you-xo Diana

  5. With 21 days left you’ll repaint the front door, make the shades and change the wreath. You’ve allowed yourself too much time for this emergency to unfold. I hope to God I don’t have one of these fits of generosity. I got no bunnies, and I have a sled on the porch…. with snow still.


  6. It is amazing how time gets away from us. I haven’t done any Easter decorating, but I did put out a little spring bird and vases of flowers.

    We won’t have anyone for Easter so we will just join the Easter Egg Hunt on the beach to watch all the neighborhood kids laugh and play.

    Spend your 21 days well!

  7. Get your vitamin B complex out!

  8. I just don’t feel so bad now. I did take down all the decoration, Garlands, wreaths and so forth. But, alas my schedule has been so busy. Have been asking fo boxes from the attic and just got them the other day. Now, finally I can take the tree down!!!
    I am doing Easter this year, you are way ahead of me.

  9. Looks like you’re ready to me! Now for the food…
    Love the way the collection looks on the buffet.

  10. If you did all that…probably in a morning…you’ll have beautiful springiness all through the house!! Love your old bottle arrangement, and the urn, and your beautiful blue and white collection!
    Thanks for stopping by and your very kind comments.
    Mary Alice

  11. Love it all, Lorraine…but your blue and white collection speaks to me! I remember that spell and collected most of my Spode plates then! That urn is gorgeous! Yep…21 days…you’ll be fine! Hugs…Debbie

  12. Love the pop of color. One thing about vintage, the sleigh works all year round!

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