St Patrick’s Day Table

Since I am having a teen birthday party on Friday the 15th and going to see Jersey Boys on the 16th,
I’m not hosting a St Pat’s dinner this year.

So, I dragged out the table I did for last year.
I didn’t realize that my dining room was still red then.

That’s why all the pics are so tightly cropped….it kept looking like a Christmas table to me!

Soon after this photo shoot is when I decided 
it was time to neutralize the dining room.

You can see that here and here

Happy St Patrick’s Day to all!
I am Welsh (mostly) and Scottish which are still part of the British Isles 
(last time I looked) 
but less Irish…
And the kids are part Lebanese which makes them tan really well but not Irish.

However my husband is of Irish background on his mother’s side. 

So, last year I DID do a dinner and thought I’d show you what the centerpiece looked like!

Some galvanized buckets with a rusty edge and rosemary from the garden

My very favorite angel

Dug up some moss and gathered some rocks

Scrunched up a green tablecloth and started arranging

If you spray some rocks with water and then lay the moss over that, it holds nicely.
In fact, last year this arrangement lasted over a week. I just kept misting the moss!

I added some grapevines because they are just so wild and pretty

And a couple Irish Blessing pics I printed out

Gee…I think I could save this for Christmas. 
Pictures like this REALLY make me want to paint those red walls.

Oh well…….I guess it will have to do for St Patrick’s Day


  1. Do we get to see the food you made too? Hope you are having fun.


  2. Love that centerpiece. Bet the food was good.

  3. That little angel looks darn cute even with the red walls in the background!

  4. Very cute! Enjoy the Jersey Boys! It is FABULOUS!!!

  5. Hi Lorraine, Love your natural style table from last year. Great pics. The angel is gorgeous and thank you for the tip with water for the moss. Beautiful.
    Enjoy the 15th. Sounds like fun.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  6. This is so fresh and festive Lorraine!I sort of skipped right over St. Patrick’s Day and went right to Easter. :o) You will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jersey Boys. Plan on downloading the music as soon as you get home!

  7. Am I a looser because I’ve never done a St Patrick’s Day anything???

  8. Beautiful table!
    Your Angel’s cousin lives in Texas. She is the resident caretaker at my house. Don’t you just love her!!
    (Of course my sweet SS teaching husband regularly reminds me that Angels are guys…..phhhhffft….not any guys that I ever met ;^) but I guess I will keep him anyway)
    Blessings to you,

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