Pretty Snowy Day

I know some of you have been living with snow for a few months already but here in Virginia Beach, we don’t get much snow!
Yesterday we had our first snowfall and it was quite pretty.

The creek was frozen….

The boys began scrambling around for whatever they could find to wear….
We don’t keep too many snow clothes here…..

I headed outside to take pictures…..
My husband built several of these birdhouses…..
Here is the one he gave our daughter…
It’s always interesting how even a simple structure like a fence post 
can look pretty with snow on it!

How different the hydrangea walk looks in the winter. 
See it here in full bloom.

I love the rosemary bush with snow……so pretty….

Finally, the boys were ready.
Catching snowflakes is fun until your big brother drops a snow bomb…….

These are Florida kids….
I think they lasted a whole hour before they came in………


  1. An hour for Florida kids? They did good! Beautiful images here! There is a stark kind of beauty in snowy days- xo Diana

  2. We had a lovely intense beautiful snowstorm yesterday too- got 4 inches! But tomorrow is supposed to get to 40 degrees and rain, so all this snowy beauty is going away.

    : – (

    Cute pic of the boys, such a perfect shot of keeping it real, haha.

  3. I miss snow!! We have had one snowfall in Myrtle Beach the nine years I have lived here. It was all gone by noon!

  4. Beautiful photos! I’m sure they had fun since snow is a novelty there. 🙂


  5. Beautiful photos, but I am cold just looking at them. We never get snow and I think I prefer it that way. Looks like the boys were having fun even if they did just last an hour.

  6. so pretty!!!! i love the look of fresh snow. and i love that blue door! 🙂

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