Carving Craving

Have you ever 
yearned for…..
salivated over…..

(leave Ryan Gosling out of this)

Just KNEW…from the top of your ponytail to the bottom of your clogs….
that THIS…..this THING….was destined for you?

Have you looked at it for days….

Tried to convince the crotchety old guy sitting next to the potbellied stove 
that he needed to….
give you a break?
knock some money off?
stop being stingy….
with this thing of beauty that you NEEDED to possess?

If you ever have…..then maybe you can make…
a headboard (to replace the sheet of plexiglass there now)….? No

A gorgeous piece to put over the mantel to replace the piece there now? No

But, you could make something you’ve desired…..

Something EVERYONE else seems to have already
Something that says 
or “Merry Christmas” 
or “Joyous Spring”
or anything else your heart desires or feels…..

You could make…..a chalkboard…..
and you could hang it here……

Oh yes…..yes you could…..

Stay tuned for the reveal….


  1. Ok,now you my attention..YES, a chalkboard sounds wonderful….Show me, show me! Cannot wait to see what you do with that little beauty. Following along…stop on by and visit and follow along with me…Love your blog and title..Blessings and happy creating!

  2. Oh WOW!! This is fabulous and I can’t wait to see your design with it. What a treasure!!

    Have fun and happy creating.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  3. Oh YES!


  4. Wow! Yes, yes, yes!

  5. Yikes!…that is a spectacular piece!!….I am sure you are working magic on that piece!…Can’t wait to see it!!

  6. That is drop dead gorgeous! Can’t wait for the reveal.

  7. That is one gorgeous piece. It will be amazing as a chalkboard or whatever you decide to do with it!

  8. That is one GORGEOUS piece!! It certainly deserves a prominent place in your home.
    Thanks for stopping by,
    Mary Alice

  9. Oh my. I can tell you right now I am going to have a jealousy problem with this one. Wow.

  10. This is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see your vision.


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