Introducing Some Angels

I’ve shown you some of the wonderful things my two oldest daughters have done in the past.
Both of them are SO talented in their own way.
Recently, I asked them if they would let me include them as guest artists on a regular basis and they both LOVED that idea!
So if you notice, there are two new pictures in the sidebar of my beautiful girls.

I will begin featuring them regularly so you can see some of the talent they have.

Here’s a short bio of each:

Lori is the oldest. 
She lives in Charleston SC (unfortunately).
She is married to a wonderful guy, David, and they have four beautiful girls.
They just moved there last year after Lori and David married.
They have a cat, Frisco, 
and a chihuaua, Apollo. 
Lori does a bit of everything….she’s a wonderful cook, she does English smocking, she paints, and she especially loves crafting anything with paper. She also loves to garden and decorate. She and David recently built a beautiful wall unit for their new house.
Lori has a blog and when I feature her things, I will give a link for that. She is SO busy that she can’t post very often which is what set me to thinking that I needed to highlight her here! 
Too many great projects have been missed and I don’t want you to miss any more!

Shelli is the younger one. She lives about 1 mile from me which is wonderful. 
We are able to see her family often and it’s great! I could almost say “ditto” for everything I already said about Lori with only a few alterations! 
She is also married to a wonderful guy, Steve, and they have two sons. 
They also have a dog named Baili 
(pronounced ‘bailey’). 
Shelli is the organizing queen of the family and SUPER co-ordinated…not physically LOL, but decor wise. When she does a room there is no detail left undone. She recently bought some of those storage cubbies sold at the craft store to use in her studio. They were white, but she covered them all in a paper that matched her room. 
Her studio always looks like those you see in magazines….unlike mine, which resembles a rummage sale.
Shelli loves to fix up her yard and her house, she is the proud owner of a Cricut and loves to do themed parties for her family. I’ve already featured two of her birthday parties with, as I said, no detail left undone. 
It’s amazing!
Shelli doesn’t have a blog so I really wanted to be sure I was able to highlight her creative talent too! 

We’re not sure yet how often these highlights will occur but I’m hoping to do one a month. I’m so looking forward to showcasing their talents!

Lori is first up on Monday morning! 
She made a GORGEOUS 2 foot heart with coffee filters that I can’t wait to show you!


  1. You’re such a good Mom, Lorraine! : ) I’ll look forward to your highlights of your daughters’ creativity. It obviously runs in the family! Have a great weekend!

  2. Can’t wait to see their talents. If they are anything like yours, we are in for a great treat. I’ll be tuning in to see their creativity.

  3. Sounds like a great idea! Can’t wait to see everything.

  4. Awesome, I’m looking forward to seeing what your girls will be up too.


  5. I know your beautiful daughters got their many talents through you, and I look forward to seeing more about them.

  6. They are both so creative ..can’t wait to see
    what they have been up to ~

  7. Your daughters are just beautiful. Can’t wait to read about their projects.

  8. Fun Fun Fun! I’ll be looking forward to seeing what they are up to. Shelli will probably just make me feel inferior though!

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