Primitive Jelly Cabinet

I have the same problem that many people have who are in least I HOPE I do...otherwise I might just cry! I spend a lot of time either finding and hauling home, painting or otherwise improving, transporting and pricing, rearranging and sprucing¬† the furniture or smaller items for the shop... Then there's the whole paint … [Read more...]

Decoupaged Map Chair

I had some wifi trouble yesterday so I am a day late with this! I tried another shade of the Fusion Mineral Paint out on a vintage desk chair. This is of my new favorite colors....beautiful isn't it? I had a vintage captain's chair I wanted to paint. And, I wanted to decoupage the seat with a map! I thought it would … [Read more...]

Kitchen Table Makeover with Fusion Mineral Paint

I mentioned previously that I would be soon carrying a new line of paint called Fusion Mineral Paint. You can read more about it HERE. They have a full line of products that I cannot wait to try! Gilding Paste, Tinting Kits, Sand Stone finish, Pearl Embossing Paste, Tough Coat (a clear, water based topcoat!) and so much more! I can't wait to get … [Read more...]