More Projects from 2012

Day two of some projects from 2012 that either were highly viewed or were some I especially enjoyed!
Hope you enjoy looking through these!

This little angel turned out to be a real trash to treasure makeover…


I really loved this French China Cabinet I did last year.
It took awhile to sell but eventually it did.


This isn’t really a project but was a very popular post.
Seems there are a LOT of hydrangea lovers out there!


This project was the first time I had tried to create a faux zinc finish. It came out very well and was also a VERY popular little project!


Are you tired of this yet? It’s been such fun and frankly, encouraging, to look through the past year of blogging!

If you follow me, you’ll remember that I also took my very first wonderful trip to Paris in May.
I posted pictures each day of the trip.
I’ll give you the link to the first one and, if you want to, you can just go through the next few posts and see some of what we were experiencing!


a demain mes amis…..
sigh, just looking at the pictures makes me want to go back.


  1. I missed a few of these. Thanks for the review. Of course I remember the angel. I featured it.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful photo’s! what a good year you had!

  3. I have recreated a lot of things using your faux zinc finish. That was truly brilliant and easy. And ooh, I love that angel!

  4. Oh fun, I am so jealous that you went to France…Sigh! I love hydrangeas, I so wish they would grow here in Orlando


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