Calling All Parrot Heads

Jimmy Buffett comes here almost every summer. All the parrot heads hiding out all year come out in all their glory to party like it was 1980….I suppose. I’ve never been.  I like him just fine but my husband is not a fan of large gatherings and that includes concerts. He dutifully takes me to the Broadway series here but he gets to sit safely in his own seat then so I guess that’s different. So, not many concerts for us….


I was inspired to use that title because of the table/desk I just finished for the shop…

I called it “Latitude/Longitude”

I think my friend Jimmy has a CD (I ALMOST said ‘album’…how quaint) with that name…maybe

Here it is..

longitude table 8


I can’t remember if I mentioned that I will be carrying a line of chalk based paint soon. I am trying out some of the colors now. This is Turquoise and Silverado.

It was just a plain brown, faux cherry finish. I used a latex primer on it first since it was so dark.

longitude table 9


After painting, I distressed it a bit and added some dark wax mixture (50% MMS clear 50% AS dark) to the edges and legs. I left the center unwaxed so I could add my graphic. I have never used AS clear wax but I recommend the MMS clear wax highly. It’s very soft and goes on super smoothly….plus it sort of smells like lavender, which is nice! You can get that here if you’re interested.

longitude table 1


I really loved this Silverado color. I usually make a mixture of ASCP 50% Paris Gray and 50% Pure White to get a driftwood shade. This is right out of the can with just a light/dark wax and I was very pleased. Saved me one step!

On to the graphic. I’ve had this idea for awhile but was looking for the right piece of furniture.

I decided to do the longitude and latitude of Virginia.

I found a font that I liked and printed and enlarged until I had the right size.

I’m sure you know how to do this but here’s a small tute on using graphite paper.

Cut out or arrange the graphic as you like. Then make a “hinge” at the bottom with Frog tape.

longitude table 3


See how you can easily lift it to place the graphite paper and also to check how your transfer is coming out without shifting anything.

Insert the graphite paper with the graphite side down on the furniture….

I am telling you this because I traced 1/3 of that complicated Calligraphy graphic I did for that desk on the WRONG side before I caught myself.

Yes, I am the Queen of OOPS Crafting. But, the secret is to LEARN from your mistakes…right?

So I’m sharing….

longitude table 4


Just use a pencil to trace around the image. You can use a colored pencil which can help if your image is intricate….you can see where you’ve traced. I sharpen my pencil, then scratch down the point a bit on a piece of scrap paper. Too sharp and you can make a tear in the paper. You just want to transfer the image.

Once the image was all transferred, I painted it in using another color from the new line called Graphite. Very, very similar in shade to Paris Gray.

longitude table 5


Finally, I did just a bit of distressing on the graphic itself….I didn’t want to sand the whole top and get a darkened feeling. I used a sponge with the scotch brite back to do the distressing. It takes off the graphic without scraping up the background color much.

Finally, I used MMS Antiquing wax over all. I’ve told you before, it’s a lighter color than the AS and much softer, so it’s easier to do the whole top nice and evenly without getting too much darkness. After that dried and was buffed, I finished off with MMS  clear wax.

longitude table 6


I added a new brushed nickel bin pull to the drawer.

longitude table 7


I’m pleased with how it turned out!

longitude desk 8


I think I hear Margaritaville calling……

Must be the warm weather…..


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  1. I’ve got the “shaker of salt”! Tell me what paint that is!

    • It’s still on the QT until we’re ready to announce! But so far i love it and it works just as well as AS….I love the color palette too! Thanks so much for asking thought….soon!

      • Exciting for you!! A lot of people are making there own with latex and packaging them now with there own labels. Problem is they are new and no one knows how it will hold up. Curious to see yours. Have you ever thought of making your own? Then you can put your name on it and sell it your booth!

  2. Did someone say margarita???
    This is very unique, Lo!
    I haven’t tried the MMS wax, and I use both AS and CC.
    The AS smells strong to me, but the durability is fantastic.
    I don’t seem to get the same results with CeCe wax, although I prefer it for the no smell factor and doing smalls.
    I’m almost out of CC, so I’ll try the MMS next.

    • Thanks so much! I think you’d like the MMS wax. I’ve never used the AS clear wax bc all I could afford was one can so I chose dark at the time. There isn’t a stockist within 4 hrs of me so I’ve used it all up and am now trying the Briwax, which I can buy locally. Briwax was recommended by Miss Mustard Seed before we all were able to get the AS so I figured that should be good too. I’ll let you know, it is certainly cheaper. And my new chalk paint line doesn’t have their own wax so I’ll be looking for one to sell.

  3. I love it, Lorraine! Very different doing the latitude/longitude and I really like it! I love anything with text or numbers. The colors are great; very soft looking.

    • Thanks Kathy! I am usually so stuck on pale colors that I wanted to try something different and chose the Turquoise. It really is a nice soft, beachy color and with the MMS antique wax on top, perfect!

  4. I love it. It turned out really great, Lorraine. My kids go to see Jimmy Buffett every summer when he comes to the Midwest. Good for you for going into the business of supplying paint. Blessings- xo Diana

  5. Love the colors! (And cute idea with the location graphic.)

  6. Hi Lorraine,
    The desk turned out fabulous. Love it and great with the numbers. I too love using graphite paper to transfer my designs. The color is gorgeous with the darker distress.
    JB comes here every year too and we have gone to the concerts and had the best time.
    Glad you will be stocking the paints.
    Have a great weekend.
    XO CM

  7. If we couldn’t laugh we’d all go insane. Now someone will have a cute desk to remind them of those changes in latitude.


  8. Sheila Moore says:

    Oh WOW love the desk. Please let me know when you are stocking the paint. I am in Newport News and would love to come visit your shop and get some paint too.

  9. I have my hand raised! Margaritas sound delish right now ~ 🙂 Would LOVE to have this desk. It looks beautiful! Anxious to know about the paint…


  10. It looks great Lorraine! Hope all goes well setting up the shop for the paint. A note about Briwax. I LOVE Briwax. I have only used the dark/walnut. You have to be very careful when using it for antiquing, but it is wonderful for using on raw wood. It stains the wood perfectly – therefore eliminating a step. This is because it has stain in the wax. MMS formulated her antiquing wax without stain as the darkening agent. I would assume that that is why her antiquing wax is more muted. Briwax has a very strong odor which I imagine is not optimal to use if you are waxing often.

  11. I enjoyed hearing how you did it, complete with the “oops”. I always have my own, and I still haven’t used graphite yet to transfer so it’s good to get some tips, especially about the sponge with the scotch brite! Thanks. I love how the antiquing wax changes the look.

  12. I love it where did you find you font? I defiantly will be doing this in my sons room he loves JB. I have seen him once and it is wild, I vote for your husband, stay home and paint!!!

  13. I’ll bring the guacamole and chips!! Fabulous table!!~~Angela

  14. Lorraine…that desk is magnificent….Just love the L&L stenciling!!..

  15. I’d like to be sitting at this lovely piece you’ve painted Lorraine drinking my “Margarita”-ville” with my “Cheeseburger in Paradise.” Lovely work!

  16. I love the colors! I have been thinking of chalk painting our fireplace gray with some blues showing up from under where I have the appliques , and then adding some darker wax… creating a look that instead of a hardware store put together looks like we popped a rescued one on the wall…. as it seems this project is on hold, let me know when you do start selling the paints… I will start saving my pennies.

  17. I had never heard o graphite paper before. Thanks for your tutorial. Great idea!

  18. Oh I love the colors! Glad to see things are moving along and you are sampling them! Fun!! Your table turned out fantastic too!
    So funny you mentioned the Jimmy Buffet Concert….my husband and I will be there with a group of about 20! It’s only my second time there, believe it or not! We don’t do many concerts ourselves. I did see Jimmy Buffett at Chrysler Hall back in around 84 or so!LOL Long time ago. 😉
    (and I still say album and record…old habits die hard! )
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  19. Great table and very original. Love the colors too.

  20. Love how your desk turned out, Lorraine! Beautiful color combination.
    Mary Alice

  21. It turned out great Lorraine. I love the graphic and the finish, that silverado color is gorgeous!!! I just finished a sign and I used the graphite method transfer too. I will be sharing it soon.

    Great job! I am eyeing that lamp too:)

  22. I LOVE how your desk turned out. So pretty!!

  23. I could totally see this in some quaint sea-side shop with a big price tag on it!

  24. I love how that desk turned out. Great idea to add the numbers on it. I can tell you have the ocean on your mind!


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